• Elysse Moore
Elysse Moore
Elysse Moore.png
Birth Date c.1918 (Aged 19 by 1937)
Affiliation Gallian Militia
Gallian Royal Guard
Rank(s) Pvt profile.pngPrivate
Role Gallian militiaman (former)
Royal Guard
Likes Susie Evans
Homer Peron
Ramsey Clement
English Grey DeLisle

Elysse Moore (エリシス・ムーア Erishisu Mūa?) is a seventeen year old Squad 7 lancer who appears in the original Valkyria Chronicles videogame.

Elysse is mentioned in Valkyria Chronicles 2 by Cordelia Gi Randgriz, a reflection of her decision to join the Royal Guard following the aftermath of Valkyria Chronicles.


Valkyria Chronicles

She was raised by her father, a fencing instructor to the nobility, who recommended she enlist as a way to harden her psyche. Generally laid-back, it often takes her a while to build up steam. Once she gets going, however, she has the tenacity and staying power to master nearly anything.

Granted a post in Princess Cordelia's Royal Guard in light of her successes on the battle field in EWII, she now spends her days guarding Castle Randgriz.


Base Stats

  • HP - 245
  • Accuracy - 14
  • Evasion - 1
  • AP - 350
  • Defense - 6

Max Stats

  • HP - 447
  • Accuracy - 23.8
  • Evasion - 13.6
  • AP - 400
  • Defense - 12

Personal Potentials

  • Neat Freak - Worries about dirt stains lead to distraction and a decrease in accuracy.
  • Camp Defender - Bent on protecting the camp by sheer force of will, they naturally become better at evading attacks.
  • Scout Hater - For whatever reason, scouts aren't their thing. Attack power is lowered against scouts.
  • Slow Starter - Their true abilities come to the surface only after five turns have gone by.

Battle Potentials

  • Tank Killer - When near a tank, they enjoy heightened accuracy.
  • Extra Shot - They can occasionally follow up an attack by loading one more round of ammunition.
  • Double Tank Damage - Attacks have a chance to deal damage to both tank body and tread HP.
  • Ultimate Anti-Armor - Their attack power against tanks is permanently greatly enhanced.


Selection Voice
"Come on, hiiit."
Killing a foe
Enemy Sighted
"Enemy sighted..."
"Found one!"
Personal Potentials
"Dirrrty..." (Neat Freak)
"Got it..." (Camp Defender)
"Stay back!" (Scout Hater)
"Okaaay... Ready now?" (Slow Starter)
Battle Potentials
"I hate tanks..." (Tank Killer)
"Let's do that again." (Extra Shot)
"I'll hit both..." (Double Tank Damage)
"I hit hard!" (Ultimate Anti-armor)
Healed by Ragnaid
"Thank you..."
Rescuing an Ally
After Medic Visit
"Uhh...this is awful..."
"Hurry up! Hurry!"
"Susie...be strong." (Susie)
"Hang in there, Homer!" (Homer)
"Ramsey...don't die!" (Ramsey)
HP Critical
"Not happening..."
"Mmm... All of a sudden I...I feel...so...sleepy..."
Enter Squad 7
"Hiii! My name's Elysse Moore! Nice to meet you!"
Exit Squad 7
"Thanks for everything, and...lemme know if I can help out, okaaay?"
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