Selection Voice
"Taking the stage." noicon
"I got it!" noicon
"Get Ready!" noicon
"You're through!" noicon
"Yah!" noicon
Killing a Foe
"That's what you get!" noicon
Enemy Sighted
"I see an enemy!" noicon
"Enemy spotted." noicon
Team Attack
"A few bullets for my fans!" noicon
"I'll lend a hand!" noicon
"You just leave it to me!" noicon
"Salinas, count me in!" (Salinas) noicon
"Ramona, count me in!" (Ramona) noicon
"Dallas, count me in!" (Dallas) noicon
Personal Potentials
"W-Why should I enjoy seeing dirt?" (Country Bred) noicon
"What!? That's not! I can't! No!" (Panicky) noicon
"Just leave it all to me, folks." (Born Leader) noicon
Hmph! Just who does she think she is? (Rosie Hater) noicon
Battle Potentials
"I hope you're ready for my close up!" (Melee Skills) noicon
"Can't dodge it, so sorry!" (Undodgable Shot) noicon
"I'm at the top of my game!" (Super damage) noicon
"Whoever said the good die young, lied!" (Phoenix) noicon
Healed by Ragnaid
"I never asked you to." noicon
Rescuing an Ally
"Medic!" noicon
After Medic Visit
"I-If you die, I'll be furious!" noicon
"Medic! Please! Help!" noicon
"Salinas, you're better than this!" (Salinas) noicon
"Fight this thing, Ramona!" (Ramona) noicon
"Dallas! You can't die on me!" (Dallas) noicon
HP Critical
"This is getting... Hairy." noicon
"I'm fine... Really." noicon
"Don't leave me... here." noicon
"A star never... really dies... she just waits for... her... big comeback." noicon
Enter Squad 7
"I'm Edy Nelson. Perhaps you've heard of me? I'm sure we'll get along swimmingly!" noicon
Exit Squad 7
"Y-You know, I could be persuaded to help again... If you ever needed me I mean." noicon
  • The one, the only, the gorgeous Edy Nelson, at your service! The pleasure's all yours, I know." - Join Squad E
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