Technical Information
Affiliation Imperial
Length 20.5m
Width 11.6m
Height 10.5m
Weight 285 tons
Top speed 17km/h
Engine power 1,000hp at 2,000rpm x2
Weapons Zabot 26/250mm Ragna-Cannon x2
Krimm N-320 20/76.2mm cannon
Krimm N-237 37/45mm cannon
Uranus 7.62mm tank machine gun x6
Rocket launcher x4

The Echidna is a Batomys-class tank and the second prototype of her class used by Calamity Raven. It seems to have a lot of standard calibre cannons mounted around it and a large double barreled turret on its main hull, It also has 4 very large rocket launchers. The tank is commanded by Lydia Agthe. The Echidna makes a cameo in the crossover 3DS game Project X Zone.


The Echidna was the second Batomys-class massive imperial tank prototype to be developed. It has more tank guns - and thus more firepower - than the Batomys. That added weight, however, reduces the Echidna's mobility somewhat. Lydia was in charge of the Echidna's test run, and demonstrated its terrifying destructive power in Mellvere. In October of 1935, Gusurg attempted to destroy Randgriz City by blowing up the Echidna, but his plans were foiled by Nameless.

Project X Zone Crosspedia

A massive tank used by the special imperial military unit "Calamity Raven." Characterized by having sacrificed mobility in order to carry a wider range of weapons. Driven by the Calamity Raven member 1st Lieutenant Lydia Agthe.


  • The tank's general layout is reminiscent of Batomys, particularly the tread shape and position and the ladders on the superstructure. Given the Empire is known to posess rocket artillery (seen during the battle at Naggiar), the rear tubes are probably for rockets. They are visually similar to the launchers used on Audrey Gassenarl's tank, the Geirolul, though scaled-up and with shorter barrels for their size.
  • Echidnas, sometimes known as spiny anteaters, are small monotremes (egg-laying mammals) living in Australia and New Guinea. "Echidna" can be seen as continuing the trend in Imperial naming fashion to name larger vehicles after very small mammals, such as the Batomys (Gerbil) and Marmota. However, Echidna was also a fearsome monster in Greek legend, half woman and half snake.
  • The main turret is based on the twin-gun prototype turret of the Russian Koalitsija SV howitzer.
  • The tank itself is technically a piece of scenery in all missions with radiators and turrets that can be attacked.
  • Echidna has more radiators than Batomys with 2 on each side.
  • It seems the Echidna can have a devastating effect if it's ragnite driven core detonates.
  • During the battle at Naggiar, the Echidna has a area effect move where it fires its twin-barreled main cannon 4 times doing moderate damage to infantry. It also can fire its rockets (another area effect) during it's final battle.
  • The tank's rear gun is never seen in game, as the tank is never attacked from the rear.
  • It is possible that the Echidna type of tank is what the Batomys' 'existing design' was, although from the bottom of the hull up, the Echidna only has a few parts similar to that of the Batomys.


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