Dromedarius A / B
Technical Information
Affiliation Imperial
Length 7.16m
Width 3.72m
Height 3.23m
Weight 48 tons
Top speed 40km/h
Engine power 720hp/2,000rpm
Weapons Mal E5 Flamethrower
Krimm M-312 12/122mm gun
Tula NPA incendiary mortar
Uranus 7.62mm machinegun x2
Gameplay Information
Hitpoints / locations Body 4,000 HP, defence 660, critical 2.5, radiator is bulletproof
Treads 3,000 HP, defence 200
Turret 4,000 HP, defence 660
Appearances Chapter 14: Loss Within Victory

Dromedarius A and Dromedarius B are two boss tanks which appear in Valkyria Chronicles during Chapter 14: Loss Within Victory. They are modifications of the Heavy Imperial Tank, fitted with flame weapons including a powerful vertical-firing mortar.

The Battle

After Squad 7 seized control of the Imperial base flag, Alicia collapsed and a substantial Imperial force surrounded the base from both directions; the seemingly undefended base was a ruse to draw Welkin and his unit in. The two tanks formed the centrepiece of twin assault forces to the Northwest and Southeast, aiming to crush the Gallians in a pincer movement. However, the Edelweiss and Shamrock proved more than a match for the Imperial tanks.


This upgrade to the heavy-class Imperial tank was made for limited scale combat. With arms like a turret flamethrower and incendiary mortar, it was primarily made to combat infantry units. The decision to utilize these tanks at Naggiar precipitated a round of upgrades that enhanced the drive system and upped the engine's overall output.

Body Stats

20190714072819 1.jpg

Turret Stats

20190714072823 1.jpg


  • Dromedarius, like many bosses, has a Latin name. Dromedarius is the species name of the Arabian Camel. Presumably this is in reference to the domed "hump" that houses the Dromedarius tanks' mortars. In Japanese, it's simply called Camel.
  • Tula Arsenal, better known as TOZ, is the real name of a Russian arms company. In real life, they manufacture civilian hunting weapons and assault rifles, and during Real Life's World War II manufactured handguns, rifles, and antiaircraft guns.
  • Like the Heavy Tank, the Dromedarius tanks have an extra hit location; the turret is a separate component with its own hitpoints. This means a shot to the turret will not damage the hull. Due to the short range of the flamethrower, it's generally safe to "snipe" the tanks with Lancers. However, if you are unlucky, they may wipe your lancer out with the hull cannon.
  • Unlike most enemy tanks, while bullets generally will do critical damage to them via the radiator, Dromedarius tanks cannot be destroyed this way. A unit with a cannon or lance must be used to destroy one of these machines.
  • A rather cheap tactic to kill these tanks is to place a lancer or Shamrock (for the furthest one from the default base camp) (Edelweiss isn't worth it) behind where these tanks will spawn before you capture the base camp. When both of your units are ready, take the base camp, the tanks will appear, and blast away (you will need about 9 CP to kill them since the shamrock takes 3 radiator shots to kill, lancers may take more or less depending on the lance you have).

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