Drei Stern

The Drei Stern. From left to right: Radi Jaeger, Berthold Gregor, Maximilian and Selvaria Bles.

The Drei Stern (also known as the Triumviri) were a group of highly skilled Imperial generals under the command of Prince Maximilian, tasked with overseeing the Imperial invasion of Gallia. They are the main antagonists of Valkyria Chronicles.

Each member of the group is accompanied by black-armored and higher quality Imperial Guard troops instead of standard Imperial troops. For much of the invasion of Gallia, their headquarters was located in the captured Gallian fortress of Ghirlandaio.

All of them are eventually defeated by Squad 7.




  • Drei Stern is German for "Three Stars".
  • Triumviri is the plural form of Triumvir, a member of a regime with three leaders, or commissions and/or alliances consisting of three members.
Drei Stern
Superior Maximilian
Members Selvaria | Gregor | Jaeger
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