Diebal Mountains

The Diebal Mountains are a range of mountains along the southern Gallian border.


A mountain range near the border of southern Gallia, its mountaintops are covered with snow throughout the year. There were once ragnite mines within the location and many Darcsen mine workers settled in the area. The mines are currently abandoned but the Darcsens remain.

Darcsens frequently revolted due to the conditions they had to work under and this raised awareness for human rights issues. The area holds special meaning for the Darcsens, which is why rebels have targeted it so aggressively.


The terrain in the Diebal Mountains rises and falls sharply, so the route you take can greatly affect combat. The ground is also soft in some places, so heavy vehicles sink into the ground, increasing the AP cost of movement. The Light Tank B and Light APC with their Off-road ability can cross this terrain without AP penalty.

Some parts of the map are blocked with large rocks that require a vehicle with rock-crushing armor to break. There are also places where path is blocked with ice, preventing units from passing through. Only the Medium Tank B and Utility APC with Ice Breaker ability can pass over these frozen surfaces. Note that the Ice Breaker only allows the vehicle to pass; it does not actually create a path for infantry to follow.

The cold weather disables the per-turn health regeneration of infantry (except at camps), and snowstorms at night reduce the number of turns available to reach fallen allies. The ice cave area is not affected.


  • Mischlitt's hometown, Louvere, is situated in this region.