Battle of Anthold Harbor
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Avan Dirk.png
Grade ★★
Area Effect None
CP Start 10, 10 per turn
Turns for S rank 5
Failure conditions turns pass
Morale 0
All infantry defeated
Special conditions Boss-insignia.pngDirk Gassenarl
Enemy ace(s) None


After the success of Operation Alabaster Gale, the Gallian Army arrives at the gates of the capital. Baldren Gassenarl asks Jean Townshend to send him to the Federation as a guest. Unable to decline, Townshend agrees to send him and they leave to Anthold harbor where the Battleship Dandarius is docked. 

After defeating the Gallian Revolutionary Army in Anthold and also killing Audrey Gassenarl in the process, Class G moves to the harbor. Aliasse spots the battleship, alerted of the risks, Avan sends Jarde to give the Archduchess a letter to send the Navy to destroy the ships, knowing if the ship reaches Federation territory, they will fail.

After Baldren hears the report of Class G nearing the docks in the area, he sends Dirk Gassenarl and the rest of the manmade Valkyrias (V2) with the mission to eliminate them.

Mission Briefing

There is still time until the Dandarius leaves with General Baldren aboard.

Defeat special forces commander General Dirk Gassenarl to gain control of the ship.

The Constructor Arm backpack will be useful in places.


  • A Construction Arm may be needed to make capturing bases easier.
  • The gateway camp which is located at Area 5 [B7] is protected by mines at the only way to enter it via Area 5 [C6]. An armored tech is recommended to pass.
  • The Supply Vehicle that powers Dirk and the rest of the V2 in Area 3 is located at the left warehouse which can be opened via Switch D. It is recommended to destroy it before confronting Dirk. The right warehouse only has a Engineer Elite.
  • The base camp that is crucial to completing this mission early is Area 3 [B2]/Area 5 [B7]. There are two ways to capture this camp. From the base camp in Area 3 [G4], or from Area 5 [B7]. If you have a few Scout Elites, it is recommended to capture the crucial base camp from Area 3[G4].


Base Reward
EXP 42,976
DCT 32,640
Weapon Parts Gun Parts.png Rifle+ Pts C
Enemy Ace Reward
Lead LV3.png Lead B Lv3
Lead LV3.png Lead C Lv3
Rare Metal LV3.png Rare Metal A Lv3
Rare Metal LV3.png Rare Metal B Lv3
Rare Metal LV3.png Rare Metal C Lv3
Plywood LV3.png Plywood A Lv3
Plywood LV3.png Plywood B Lv3
Plywood LV3.png Plywood C Lv3
Plywood LV3.png Plywood D Lv3
Special Units Bonus
Plywood LV3.png Plywood D Lv3
Plywood LV4.png Plywood B Lv4
Plywood LV4.png Plywood C Lv4
Plywood LV4.png Plywood D Lv4
Rare Metal LV3.png Rare Metal A Lv3
Rare Metal LV3.png Rare Metal C Lv3
Lead LV3.png Lead C Lv3
Lead LV3.png Lead D Lv3
Captured All Base Camps Bonus
Lead LV3.png Lead D Lv3
Rare Metal LV3.png Rare Metal D Lv3
Plywood LV3.png Plywood D Lv3
Other Rewards
  • Replaces Avan Hardins's 3rd Personal Potential, Brother's words with Left the Nest - Now pursuing new paths, having outgrown the goal of surpassing an older brother, raising all abilities.
  • Unlocks Aliasse's 4th Personal Potential, Fellowship - Attack power against infantry and armored targets is raised when an ally is nearby.


After this mission, Avan gets the chance to talk to his brother, Leon who was turned to a V0 because of Project Valhalla

This will also add "The Battle of Anthold Harbor", and after mission "Aliasse Unleashed" and "A Final Farewell" events in the yearbook. Located at the "December Events" category.


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