Daws desert


The Daws Desert is a wasteland in southern Gallia. It is one of the ares said to have been made barren in the Darcsen Calamity. The Barious Desert in eastern Gallia is another well-known example of this terrain. The Daws Desert is a rocky land with scarce water sources. There is a vast gap between day and night temperatures. The remains of a city said to have been destroyed by the Darcsens lie in the desert. Those ruins are better preserved than those at Barious, and archeological survey results are eagerly awaited.


The Daws Desert provides little cover against incoming fire, and in many cases fighting will be out in the open. Players will need to use terrain and tanks as cover to protect your soldiers from being exposed to enemy fire. The ground is also soft in some places, so heavy vehicle sink into the ground, increasing the AP cost of movement. Vehicles with Off-road ability can proceed across these patches using the normal amount of AP.

The desert both slows down infantry with its Heat effect during the day, and affects unit accuracy with its Sandstorms at night, leading to longer missions and making higher ranks harder to achieve. APCs may be useful to circumvent the heat effect during the day before the Sprinkler Unit becomes available. The Oasis area does not experience heat or sandstorms.

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