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According to accepted history, the Darcsen Calamity was a great conflict that took place between the many Darcsen tribes that inhabited Europa, thousands of years ago. Supposedly, Ragnite powered weaponry was unleashed, destroying a hundred cities and killing a million humans and animals within them ("ten hundred thousand man and beast"). However, it is revealed that the Darcsen was not the culprit of the deed, and instead it was the Valkyries that invaded committed the atrocity and then pushed the blame onto the Darcsens, which is detailed in the stone slab in the deepest parts of the Valkyrie temple in the Barious Desert, making the whole Darcsen Calamity a flat-out lie.


The Calamity is allegedly what scarred the land in places such as the Barious Desert; damaged rocks and furrows in the ground indicate the power of the massive blast that destroyed the city that once stood there.

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