Technical Information
Affiliation GRA
Length 220m
Width 35m
Weight 43,000 tons
Top speed 23.5 kts
Weapons 600mm naval gun
410mm naval gun x4
Unspecified number of smaller guns

Dandarius is the warship of House Gassenarl.


Dandarius was a gift from the Federation and flew rebel colors during the rebellion. The hull is outdated, but it carries modern armaments. The 600mm gun turret on the bow, that was requested by Baldren, is notably formidable. The ship is also fitted with four 410mm guns which were housed in two 2-gun turrets. There are also unspecified number of smaller guns and turrets which players can see in Action Mode during battles.

Like other ships in Europa, Dandarius is installed with a large radiator on top of her chimney. The side propellers are also for dispersing smoke that coming out of the side radiators.


  • The ship serves as a 4-part map used in the Final 2 story missions and various extra 3-star missions in Valkyria Chronicles 2.
  • Dandarius is heavily based on the HMS Dreadnought and ships of that period, though her superstructure covers her entire hull rather than being confined amidships; most likely this is a concession to her role as a level in a videogame. The diagonal structures on her sides are support booms for torpedo nets, which became obsolete as a defence around 1915 when torpedoes began to be fitted with net cutters; she does not have torpedo bulges, dating her hull to this era.
  • Her refit with a single massive cannon resembles the refitting of the Royal Navy's "monitor" shore bombardment ships, such as HMS Lord Clive and HMS General Wolfe, with large single guns to outrange enemy coastal guns. These had their gunhouse fixed firing to starboard rather than forward.
  • Dandarius' total lack of anti-aircraft weaponry again emphasises the apparent lack of interest or capability to develop effective air power in the Valkyria Chronicles universe.
  • As a map, Dandarius is the most dangerous as it has a unique cannon blast ability that will instantly kill any of your units, even your tank.
  • The background music of missions aboard Dandarius is the same as the background music of final battle against Maximilian in Marmota in Valkyria Chronicles.


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