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  • Cosette Coalhearth
Cosette Coalhearth
Cosette in Valkyria Chronicles 2.
Birth Date c.1920 (Aged 17 by 1937)
Gender Female
Height 160cm (158cm VC3)
Affiliation Lanseal Military Academy
Unit Class G
Role Lanseal cadet (former)
Medical student
Unit Class Engineer-insignia Engineer
Anthem-corps-insignia Anthem Corps
Likes Avan
Valkyria Chronicles 2
Valkyria Chronicles 3
Voice Acting
Japanese Eri Kitamura
English Janice Kawaye
"I've decided that I'm going to become a doctor in my father's stead."
—Cosette Coalhearth, Valkyria Chronicles 3

A girl who is training to become a doctor, Cosette Coalhearth (コゼット・コールハース Kozetto Kōruhāsu?) serves as an Engineer in Lanseal Academy's Class G.





Valkyria Chronicles 2
A native of the city of Yuell, Cosette was orphaned during the last Imperial invasion of Gallia when her parents were killed in front of her eyes. Heavily traumatized by the blood of her family covering her, Cosette became colorblind and developed a severe case of hematophobia or fear of blood. After the war's end, Cosette enrolled at the Lanseal Military Academy to follow in her father's footsteps and become a doctor.
Expanded Biography (VC2)
Lovable Klutz with a Past Trauma
Cosette was born in the small town of Yuell, in central Gallia. Her father was a doctor who treated everyone equally, and was respected by patients and other doctors alike. As she watched her father work, Cosette became interested in the field of medicine.

Thoughtful and helpful, Cosette often took care of the domestic chores when her parents were busy. As a result, she is very good at things like doing laundry, cleaning, and sewing. Cosette has a particular talent for sewing, and one of her hobbies is to create little dolls out of leftover fabric.

When the war brought the Empire into Gallia, her parents diligently tended to all of the wounded, whether Gallian or Imperial. But when a young Cosette witnessed her parents die during an Imperial attack, she was traumatized by the sight of their spilled blood. She was so deeply affected by the incident that she lost all ability to discern color as a subconscious way of blocking out the redness of her parents' blood. Even with this disability, Cosette was more determined than ever to carry on her father's legacy by becoming a doctor herself. Unfortunately, medical school proved to be an expensive venture, one Cosette knew she would not be able to afford.

Just when all hope seemed lost, Cosette learned that tuition fees are waived for graduates of Lanseal Royal Military Academy, so she enrolled at Lanseal as a way of achieving her dream.

Cosette's Unconscious Actions are like a Force of Nature
Cosette is known as a klutz by those around her, but her little mistakes are usually due to her efforts to hide the fact that she is colorblind. Still, everyone acknowledges the fact that Cosette is always cheerful and that she tries her best.

Sometimes, however, she tries a little too hard and causes huge changes unintentionally. As an example of one of Cosette's "oops" moments, it was her unconscious actions that got Avan the position of class chair. While Avan is busy leading the class, Cosette is always there to keep things interesting.

Standing up to Juliana
After hearing Juliana insult Zeri time and again, Cosette was moved to action and struckt the bully without thinking. Cosette was quickly overcome with regret for her violent outburst, but this unexpected retaliation caused Juliana to reassess the way in which she treats others.
Reckless Friends
It didn't take long for Avan and Zeri to secure very special places in Cosette's heart. Both of these young men can be stubborn in their own way, and their actions often worried Cosette to no end.
Overcoming her Fear of Blood
Of all the members of Class G, Cosette was the on who discovered the bomb in the Doerfein mines. According to Zeri's knowledge of the bomb's model, Cosette simply had to cut the red wire to deactivate the bomb. A simple task, except that Cosette was colorblind and unable to tell the difference between the wires. As the timer on the bomb steadily continued its countdown, Cosette knew she would have to take action if she hoped to save the rest of Class G.
Beautiful World full of Vibrant Colors
The moment Cosette overcame the psychological block caused by her past trauma, her eyes were once again filled with the colors of the world. As she took a moment to enjoy the setting sun with those who had believed in and supported her through this ordeal, Cosette reaffirmed that the world was indeed a beautiful place.
The Heroine!
For the play put on by Class G, Cosette got the coveted role of Alicia. She was very excited and put every effort into learning her role, but the script was written by Lotte, which introduced a whole new set of problems.
Cosette's Technicolor Room
Being colorblind meant Cosette could only see the world in shades of gray. As a result, most of the colors used in her room were mismatched at best. Even Avan wasn't sure what to say about Cosette's choice of colors. Although Cosette enjoys sewing, most of the items she creates don't come out looking right because of unusual color choices. Most of her classmates simply assume Cosette has unique tastes.
Expanded Biography (VC3)
"A young doctor-in-training who maintains a positive attitude despite losing both of her parents."
Cosette lived in the town of Yuell in southern Gallia until the Empire attacked the town and forced the residents to evacuate. Following that, Cosette devoted her time to healing the injured at their refugee camp, though she was struck with colorblindness as a result of the trauma she suffered when the imperials killed her parents right in front of her eyes. Shutting her loneliness and sorrow away deep within her heart, Cosette always made sure she kept a smile on her face to reassure those around her. Cosette is quite clumsy, but everyone considers that to be just another one of her many endearing traits because her genuinely optimistic personality makes her very likable. During her time in the refugee camp, Cosette decided that she wanted to study to become a doctor, just like her father.

After the Gallian Campaign, Cosette continued her studies in medicine, but soon realized that she could not afford to attend medical school. Fortunately, she found out that enrolling at Lanseal Royal Military Academy would grant her medical training at no cost. It was at Lanseal that Cosette met Avan and Zeri, two people who would soon become very important to her.


Valkyria Chronicles 2[]

The academy's entrance exams placed Cosette in Glass G along with Avan Hardins and Zeri, two students that she would quickly grew close to. During one of Juliana Everhart's rants at Glass G, Cosette volunteered Avan to be the class chair, much to the latter's surprise.

With encouragement from Avan and Zeri, Cosette continued her development at the academy and kept her spirits high despite the worsening situation. However, news that Yuell was being targeted by the rebels forced old memories to resurface and Cosette began losing her composure. Determined to help his friend, Avan took Cosette with him on an unauthorized mission to aide Yuell's defense. The rest of Class G followed when Zeri was able to convince the headmaster to deploy Lanseal's forces outside their usual jurisdiction. While Class G succeeded in repelling Audrey Gassenarl and her forces, Yuell was devastated by the fighting with many civilians wounded. Cosette panicked, revealing her colorblindness and inability to cope with the sight of blood. In an act of extreme rashness, Avan shot himself to force Cosette to focus. Stunned by Avan's actions, Cosette rushed to save her friend as he lost consciousness. Though Avan had succeeded in forcing Cosette to confront her fears, the young woman was furious with the risk her friend had taken.

Following Class G's return to Lanseal, Avan was placed in solitary confinement for deploying without orders. On the last day, Cosette visited him, asking to hear more about his childhood and hinting that she wished to grow closer. These hints were lost upon Avan, but the two continued to bond.

During this time, Cosette also became closer with Aliasse, a Valkyria living on Lanseal grounds and under the care of Clementia Förster. Cosette tried to show Aliasse what it meant to have friends and introduced the girl to planting flowers. The two assumed a sisterly relationship, with Aliasse slowly opening up to Cosette and the rest of Class G. After the raid on Lanseal, Cosette and Avan defended Aliasse when Clementia tried to force the girl to leave with her. Though Aliasse was devastated at being abandoned by Clementia, Cosette and the other students quickly took in Aliasse as one of their own.

During the closing weeks of the war, Cosette and the rest of Class G found themselves defending Darcsen settlements in the Doerfein Mountains from Baldren Gassenarl and the GRA. Baldren intended to collapse the mines and bury the Darcsen miners alive and once the charges were set withdrew. Cosette was the first Lanseal cadet to find the explosives but due to her colorblindness was unable to distinguish between the wires to find the right one to cut. The rest of Class G refused to evacuate, reiterating their faith in her. Ultimately, Cosette overcame her colorblindness and cut the correct wire, and marveled at all the beauty she had missed out on with her recovered sight.

Cosette accompanied the surviving Lanseal forces on their last engagements around the port city of Anthold, helping defeat the remaining GRA leaders and sinking the battleship Dandarius. After graduating from Lanseal, she entered medical school with a full scholarship and moved in with Aliasse. Despite her busy schedule, Cosette remained in touch with her old friends from Lanseal.


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Other Appearances[]

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Cosette has appeared as a character in the following spin-off titles:

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  • A second version of Cosette exists, available via a password, a lancer to the actual one's Engineer. Worth noting is that this version of Cosette is arguably one of the worst Lancers in the game. They can be told apart by the actual version having only one set lock of hair sticking up, and the generally more cheerful attitude and appearance, while the lancer version appears to have just woken up and acts as such.
  • Cosette makes a cameo appearance along with Avan and Zeri in Valkyria Chronicles 3. She is 15, as VC3 is set 2 years before the events at Lanseal.
  • She is one of the most dangerous Engineers as she is able (as an engineer elite) to launch 3 attacks at once. (one default, second with double attack (engineer elite potential) and the 3rd with beautiful world). Equipped with the proper weapon, her combat abilities can surpass those of Scouts as well.
  • Cosette has a bit of a resemblance to Shiemi Moriyama from Ao No Exorcist (Blue Exorcist). They also share a few similarities. They are both clumsy and they are better in medical work. They also have similar hairstyle.
  • In Double Digit Gap, Anisette reveals that Cosette's bust is four inches bigger than her own.


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