The Commando is a 3rd-tier class exclusive to Valkyria Chronicles 2. They can be promoted from Trooper Veterans as part of the Shocktrooper Class Tree

Possibly one of the units you will mostly fight against in the Valkyria Chronicles 2. When fighting the GRA in the late part of the game they are not as effective as they were when you encountered them at first. They mostly try to get close to your troops and use the Under-barrel Flamethrowers although they do use their Submachine Guns.


Commandos are similar in stats to Trooper Elites but with higher AP. Instead of using grenades, They can carry large tanks of fuel on their backs and are equipped with an under-barrel flamethrower. Their flamethrowers are very effective against entrenched enemies, fixed defense positions and they are able to hit multiple targets.

Gallian Commandos

Valkyria Chronicles

Commandos did not appear in Valkyria Chronicles but they are very similar to the elite Troopers in Valkyria Chronicles except they lack grenades.

Valkyria Chronicles 2

Standard equipment:-

Valkyria Chronicles 3

Commandos no longer exist in Valkyria Chronicles 3. Instead, Trooper Elites are capable of equipping flamethrowers, similar to the original Valkyria Chronicles.

GRA Commandos

Their role and equipment are the same as their Gallian counterparts.

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