• Claude Wallace
Claude Wallace

Claude Wallace in Valkyria Chronicles 4.

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Alias Claude the Weakling,
Birth Date c.1913 (Aged 22 by 1935)
Gender Male
Affiliation Edinburgh Army
Unit Ranger Corps
Squad E
Rank(s) 2nd lt profile.pngSecond Lieutenant
1st lt profile.pngFirst Lieutenant
Cpt profile.pngCaptain
Role Platoon Commander
Regiment Commander
Unit Class Scout-insignia.png Scout
Tank-insignia.png Tank
Likes Riley Miller (After Ch.4)

Norid Saarinen (After Ch.3)

Voice Acting
Japanese Ryousuke Kanemoto[1]
English Max Mittelman
"What have I become? This war's made me a monster!"
—Claude Wallace

Claude Wallace (クロード・ウォレス Kurōdo Woresu?) is the main protagonist of Valkyria Chronicles 4. He is the Edinburgh Army 101st Division, 1st Battle Brigade, 32nd Armored Ranger Battalion, 2nd Regiment, Platoon E commander and tanker. He's a first lieutenant who is a serious, passionate, and caring commanding officer.[1]

He has few military shortcomings, and in addition to military skills, he is strongly aware to changes in the weather and climate. His “Revelation of the Wind,” a perfect guess of the change in weather from a few minutes to several days later, often ends many stalemates.[2]



Claude has fair skin and black hair. His summer uniform consist a brown federation jacket with a map holder on his right arm. He also wears standard issue trousers and boots. Being a tank commander/platoon commander, he is equipped with portable radio to communicate with his squad and if need be, higher command. His winter uniform isn't much different except he ditches the brown jacket with a thick white winter coat.


Claude is a serious, passionate, and caring commanding officer. He is a talented individual who graduated at the top of his class at Edinburgh Military Academy. He has a strong determination to accomplish his objective, and even in the face of a difficult mission, inspires his comrades with his fiery determination.[2]

He is quite strict when training his soldiers, with his sergeant and friend Raz calling him a "nightmare drill sergeant".


Edinburgh army first lieutenant, age 22. Commander of Squad E. From the city of Hafen in Gallia. Keenly attuned to changes in climate and weather. Graduated as valedictorian from the military academy. While serious and responsible, he has a spacey side to him, and enjoys watching the clouds. As a child, he was very timid and ended up failing someone he cared for. His enlistment was spurred by a desire to change this part of himself. After he refused to bomb the capital, HQ deemed him unfit for the burdens of command, and stripped him of his title. Even so, he has no regrets. Upon returning to Hafen with Riley, he helps in rebuilding the Miller Company factory as its manager, with help (and familiar chaos) from former squaddies.



Born in the Gallian city of Hafen, this promising young squad leader is keenly attuned to climate changes and weather fluctuations. Ever since graduating as valedictorian from the Royal Military Academy, his talent and determination have been an inspiration to his subordinates.

Involvement in EWII

Claude Wallace led Squad E through the beginning and end of Operation Northern Cross, garnering a crucial series of victories at the Battle of Siegval. After the failure of Operation Northern Cross, he then led Squad E as they retreated through the Achtzehn Mountain, regrouping with the Cygnus Fleet and the other survivors of the 32nd Armored Ranger Corps's Squads D and Squad F to take part in Operation Cygnus.

After the incapacitation of Captain Roland Morgen and the loss of the majority of Cygnus Fleet at the hands of Crymaria Levin, Claude Wallace took over overall command of Operation Cygnus and managed to successfully invade and capture the Imperial capital of Schwartzgrad, forcing the Empire to sue for peace under the threat of the Centurion and its A2 Valkyria bomb.


After the cease-fire agreed between Federation and Empire forces, Claude couldn't push himself to pull a lever activating the A2 Bomb in order to bomb the capital. For this HQ deemed him unfit for the burdens of command, stripping him of decorations, rank and discharging him. Even so, he has no regrets.

Following the promises he shared with Riley Miller, he returned to Hafen with Riley. He helped in rebuilding the Miller company factory as its manager, with assistance (and familiar chaos) from his old friends and former squadmates.



Base stats[3]
  • HP - 230 (+4 HP/level)
  • AP - 800
  • Accuracy - 25 (+0.8 acc/level)
  • Dodge - 25 (+0.6 dodge/level)
  • Defense - 0
Max stats
  • HP - 376
  • AP - 900
  • Accuracy - 58.2
  • Dodge - 67.4
  • Defense - 4
For his stats as a tank commander, please reference the Hafen.


Personal potentials

Potential Description
Wind Talk Reading the ebb and flow of the wind and sky helps increase his firing accuracy.
Overburdened Being near allies decreases his anti-tank attack power.
Self-Conscious Being near Riley makes him anxious, decreasing his anti-personnel attack power.
Unlocked in Chapter 2
Pledge of Courage Being near Riley gives him confidence, increasing his anti-personnel attack power and defense.
Replaces Self-Conscious after Chapter 4, Pt. 3
Auroral Vow His promise to Riley increases all of his stats.
Replaces Pledge of Courage after viewing "The Promised Aurora" scene in Post Game
Iron Will Even in the face of danger, he refuses to flee, reducing damage from interception fire.
A Friend's Legacy AP increases and damage from interception fire is reduced.
Replaces Iron Will after Chapter 16

Battle Potentials (As Scout)

Potential Description
Sighting Accuracy is improved after sighting an enemy. (Level 4)
First Aid Boost The healing powers of ragnaid are occasionally increased. (Level 8)
Third Eye Defensive instincts kicks in, offering a chance to avoid any critical damage from enemy counterattack. (Level 14)
Super Evasion Evasion skills have a chance of being greatly enhanced. (Level 18)


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Though not mentioned much during the story, Claude was conflicted about Kai's - either Forseti or Leena - decision to betray the Federation; the section of his journal about his confrontation with Forseti in Loweholm is annotated "Kai ... what are you thinking?"

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