Zeri's Bodyguards
20100905013658 0.jpg
Terrain Drill Grounds
Area Effect None
Number of units 2: Avan, Melissa
CP Start 3, ? per turn
Turns for S rank 3
Objectives Allied base camp defended (6 turns)
All enemy units defeated
Failure conditions Allied base camp captured
Morale 0
All infantry defeated
Special conditions None
Enemy vehicles None
Enemy officers Scout, Sniper, Shocktrooper
Enemy ace(s) None


Melissa summons Avan to help "protect" Zeri, who is in grave danger. So Avan follows her to the drill grounds, where they confront the girls who are "harming" Zeri.

Mission Briefing

You must block the entrance to stop the girls from reaching Zeri.

Avan and Melissa must defend the allied base camp for 6 turns.

For this battle, only Avan and Melissa will be deployed.


Holding the main base is your priority. Since you cannot use engineers/medics, you must take care when taking damage. Try not to remove Avan from the base and let Melissa snipe the targets.

Doing this one early is tricky, however if you make Avan an armoured tech, the light infantry will run up to him but not attack. In the first turn, have Melissa run up and take out the enemy sniper, then sneak back to the top left camp, capture it, and wait behind the sandbags for any scouts that run back to recapture it. When you're done with them, go take out the stormtrooper guarding the righthand base and capture it. Then mop up, being careful to not let any of the enemy get a free run at your flag. They tend to come close enough for Avan to hit them without leaving the base area anyway.

Alternatively, if you don't care about rank, just take out the sniper and then wait the rest of them out.

Starting unit positions.



Base Reward
EXP 14,293
DCT 5,723
Weapon Parts Gun Parts.png R-Fire Barrel C
Enemy Ace Reward
Weapon Plan None
Ace Drop 1 None
Ace Drop 2 None
Lead LV2.png Lead C Lv2
Ragnite LV2.png Ragnite B Lv2
Gunpowder LV2.png Gunpowder B Lv2
Ragnite LV2.png Ragnite A Lv2

Gunpowder LV2.png Gunpowder A Lv2
Gunpowder LV2.png Gunpowder C Lv2
Ragnite LV2.png Ragnite C Lv2
Lead LV2.png Lead B Lv2
Lead LV2.png Lead A Lv2
Special Units Bonus
Captured All Base Camps Bonus
Lead LV2.png Lead C Lv2
Gunpowder LV2.png Gunpowder C Lv2
Ragnite LV2.png Ragnite C Lv2
Gunpowder LV2.png Gunpowder A Lv2
Ragnite LV2.png Ragnite A Lv2
Gunpowder LV2.png Gunpowder B Lv2
Gunpowder LV3.png Gunpowder C Lv3
Lead LV2.png Lead B Lv2
Lead LV2.png Lead A Lv2
Gunpowder LV3.png Gunpowder A Lv3
Gunpowder LV3.png Gunpowder D Lv3
Gunpowder LV3.png Gunpowder B Lv3
Ragnite LV2.png Ragnite B Lv2
Other Rewards



After the battle, the girls refuse to give up. It turns out that the girls have formed a secret fan club around Zeri, and that Melissa considers them stalkers. And because the girls refuse to cease their actions around Zeri, Melissa takes action on the club. Her excessive stalking extends all the way to guys as well, as Avan notes that she "won't let guys around Zeri as well."


This unlocks "Stalker" in Melissa's potentials.

This raises the chances of inflicting status ailments when attacking.

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