Against New Weaponry
20100904173818 0
Terrain Arlem Village
Time of day Unknown
Area Effect None
Number of units 6- Avan, Marion
CP Start 8, 8 per turn
Turn limit 20
Turns for S rank 2
Objectives Enemy base camp captured
Failure conditions 20 turns pass
Morale 0
All infantry defeated
Allied base camp captured
Special conditions None
Enemy vehicles Fixed-weapon-insigniaGatling Turret
Enemy officers Scout-insigniaScout Veteran
Enemy ace(s) Scout-insigniaUys the Falcon
Ace Location Area 4 [F4], Area 1 [F3]


While Avan is busy running errands for Lavinia in R and D, he spots Marion, a polite and eloquent member of Class G. He goes over to ask her if she was also doing errands for Lavinia too. Marion, seemingly caught off-guard, quickly excuses herself, leaving Avan to ponder what she had been up to.

Later, Avan is approached by Marion, informing him about reports of a new weapon brought by rebels to a farm town. He is barely able to express his eagerness before being entreated by Marion to let her accompany him. He agrees, but gets suspicious and asks her if she was hiding something. Marion is quite flustered by the question, but is able to smoothly recover. As she leaves to make her own preparations, Avan wonders if her interest for this particular mission was personal.

Mission Briefing

Rebels have attacked Arlem, armed with new weaponry.

Class G must capture the enemy base camp in area 4, approaching from both sides.

Nothing is known about the power or appearance of the new weaponry, so carry out this operation with the utmost care.

Avan and Marion must deploy.


Make sure your flanks are secured. You can easily get overrun and you should keep at least one person on the main base.


Base Reward
EXP 14,268
DCT 5,698
Weapon Parts Gun Parts Lt Gtling Pts C
Enemy Ace Reward
Weapon Plan Plan VC2 Pa018
Ace Drop 1 Gun Parts Gondul g2
Ace Drop 2 Melee Parts Hlocc g2
Lead LV2 Lead A Lv2
Gunpowder LV2 Gunpowder B Lv2
Gunpowder LV2 Gunpowder A Lv2
Steel LV2 Steel B Lv2
Gunpowder LV2 Gunpowder C Lv2
Lead LV2 Lead C Lv2
Steel LV2 Steel A Lv2
Lead LV2 Lead B Lv2
Steel LV2 Steel C Lv2
Special Units Bonus
Steel LV3 Steel A Lv3
Gunpowder LV2 Gunpowder C Lv2
Steel LV2 Steel B Lv2
Lead LV2 Lead B Lv2
Steel LV3 Steel C Lv3
Steel LV3 Steel B Lv3
Steel LV2 Steel A Lv2
Steel LV2 Steel C Lv2
Lead LV2 Lead C Lv2
Steel LV3 Steel D Lv3
Captured All Base Camps Bonus
Steel LV2 Steel A Lv2
Steel LV3 Steel A Lv3
Steel LV2 Steel C Lv2
Steel LV3 Steel B Lv3
Gunpowder LV2 Gunpowder C Lv2
Steel LV2 Steel B Lv2
Lead LV2 Lead A Lv2
Steel LV3 Steel C Lv3
Gunpowder LV2 Gunpowder B Lv2
Lead LV2 Lead B Lv2
Lead LV2 Lead C Lv2
Other Rewards



After successfully finishing the mission, Avan spots an unfamiliar gun on the ground and assumes it was rebel-issued. Marion spots the gun, quickly taking it from his hands, looking it over and fawning over it. Avan is left speechless as he listens to the other's fanatical musings and sees her caressing the gun in a worshipful fashion, and realizes that she was a gun nut.

Marion admits to being drawn to weapons and tanks, also confessing that she went in R and D during the day he saw her because of the newly-developed weapons, and that she enrolled at Lanseal to gain access to its armory. Her parents have expressly forbidden her to mention it to anyone because it was unladylike and not fitting of her image and status, proven by the surprised reactions the people she'd told. She apologizes to Avan for not telling him sooner, and the latter brushes it off without a second though, telling her that people will not like her less for it. Marion agrees, and says that perhaps it was time she became open about it.


Marion gains the "Weapons Freak" potential.

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Marion "likes" Avan

Unlock Marion's 4th potential Weapons Freak which raises attack power agains infantry and armored targets.

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