Uncovering the Truth
Erik 2
Terrain Dirt
Area Effect None
Number of units 2: Avan, Erik
CP Start 6, 6 per turn
Turn limit 20
Turns for S rank 2
Objectives All enemy units defeated
Failure conditions 20 turns pass
Morale 0
All infantry defeated
Enemy ace(s) None


Lotte discovers that her wallet has gone missing after doing drills. Every person who was on the drill ground gets ruled out, except Erik, who skipped the drills. He becomes the prime suspect, and a mock battle ensues to prove his innocence.

Mission Briefing

"The objective of this mock battle is to wipe out the enemy. Defeat all enemy units and prove Erik's innocence. For this battle, only Avan and Erik will be deployed."


This is perhaps one of the easiest Classmate Missions to complete provided you have the right levels, enough to kill each foe with one round of bullets. Here, splitting up is the best way to go about it and if played right, it is possible to finish it up in one turn. First off, send Avan towards the enemies on the right. After killing an enemy use the rest of your AP to get as close as you can to the next one and repeat. The last enemy in the right side will be crouching behind sandbags. Kill this one with a grenade. If your cards are played right, you should still have 2 CP left. Use this to get Erik to kill off two of the enemies on the left side of the battlefield. Make sure the last one remaining isn't a sniper or else it could just shoot at you from afar without giving you a chance to retaliate. End your turn. Now the enemy will try to attack you and if this was done correctly, they will either be in range of Erik or they have to move to be in range. Either way, they will shoot at you and then you finish them off with the counterattack. Mission Completed in one turn and with A rank.


Base Reward
EXP 14,243
DCT 5,673
Weapon Parts Gun Parts Mch Gun Stock E
Enemy Ace Reward
Ragnite LV2 Ragnite C Lv2
Ragnite LV2 Ragnite B Lv2
Oak LV2 Oak C Lv2
Plywood LV2 Plywood C Lv2
Ragnite LV2 Ragnite A Lv2
Plywood LV2 Plywood A Lv2
Plywood LV2 Plywood B Lv2
Oak LV2 Oak B Lv2
Oak LV2 Oak A Lv2
Special Units Bonus
Captured All Base Camps Bonus


After getting defeated, the student admits seeing Lotte's red wallet in the locker rooms. Avan and Erik find and retrieve it. The latter then asks why Avan believed that he wasn't the one who stole the wallet. Avan answers that he believed because he trusted what he had said, equating his trust to the trust the birds placed on him.

Erik then shares that he isn't good with words, and that when he gets angry, his fists do the talking. Because of that, people stopped believing in whatever he said, and so Erik started to withdraw and lose trust in people. Avan told him to try to forgive those people, and remember the birds when he gets angry to calm himself down. Erik replies by saying he will try to do so, and gives Avan an embarrassed but sincere thanks.


Erik gains the "Clumsy Kindness" potential.

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