In Search of Moonglow
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Terrain Sand
Area Effect Night, Sandstorm
Number of units 3: Avan, Cosette, Coleen
CP Start 3, 3 per turn
Turn limit 20
Turns for S rank 2
Objectives Coleen reaches target
Failure conditions 20 turns pass
Morale 0
Enemy vehicles Light APC A x2
Enemy ace(s) None


Coleen Celsius finds herself always sending men away when they come to her with confessions of love for her. Then, she finds that she is in love herself, but just can't seem to confess it, so she goes to Avan and Cosette for help. They hear the legend of the moonglow flower that blooms in the Daws desert, and find a patrol mission is to happen soon, so Avan, Coleen, and Cosette decide to go into the desert alone to find the flower, and help Coleen confess her love.

Mission Briefing

"Your mission is to gather some moonglow while out on patrol. Move Coleen to the target point in Area 4. Be aware that the mission will fail if Coleen falls in battle. We have also heard that a rebel squad is camped in the Daws Desert. It seems they were hit by a sandstorm, and are now waiting for the weather to improve. There is no need to engage them if you can avoid it. For this battle, only Avan, Cosette, and Coleen will be deployed." - Mission brief


The desert is dark, and a sandstorm is in effect, leaving low visibility. Luckily, the fight is on a single map, and the objective is to move Coleen to a specific point across the map. The best idea is to have Avan as a scout or fencer to take point and uncover the scouts, shocktroopers, and APC on the map, and have coleen make a mad dash after dealing with immediate threats. Just like an escort APC mission, you just need her to reach the point alive, so some enemies you can just ignore, and letting Coleen have an extra turn won't hurt. Make it by the end of turn 2 for an A rank.


Base Reward
EXP 14,323
DCT 5,753
Weapon Parts Lance Parts.png Hvy Mrtr Lnc C
Enemy Ace Reward
Rubber LV2.png Rubber A Lv2
Rare Metal LV2.png Rare Metal A Lv2
Rare Metal LV2.png Rare Metal B Lv2
Rubber LV2.png Rubber C Lv2
Lead LV2.png Lead C Lv2
Lead LV2.png Lead B Lv2
Rare Metal LV2.png Rare Metal C Lv2
Special Units Bonus
Lead LV2.png Lead B Lv2
Lead LV2.png Lead C Lv2
Rare Metal LV3.png Rare Metal A Lv3
Rare Metal LV3.png Rare Metal B Lv3

Rare Metal LV2.png Rare Metal B Lv2
Rubber LV2.png Rubber A Lv2
Rare Metal LV2.png Rare Metal C Lv2
Rubber LV2.png Rubber B Lv2
Rubber LV2.png Rubber C Lv2
Captured All Base Camps Bonus
Other Rewards

The "feeble attack" potential is replaced by the "Moonglow" potential in Coleen. Avan becomes closer with Coleen.


After a little rummaging around in the desert, Coleen finally finds the moonglow flower. Avan and Cosette then find out that Coleen is going to use her courage the flower gave her to finally confess her love for Morris. Avan and Cosette give her words of encouragement, helping her to go to him, and Coleen becomes closer to Avan as a friend.


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