Taking the Stage
Anisette 2.jpg
Terrain Dirt
Area Effect None
Number of units 2: Avan, Anisette
CP Start 3, 3 per turn
Turn limit 20
Turns for S rank 2
Objectives Capture enemy base camp
Failure conditions 20 turns pass
Morale 0
All infantry defeated
Enemy officers Scout-insignia.pngScout
Enemy ace(s) None


After Anisette finishes practicing her dance moves, she tells Avan that she needs to set up a concert that she will be performing soon. As she's spreading the word that her concert will take place at the drill grounds, she gets confronted from fellow classmates claiming that they have reserved the drill grounds for actual practice. They begin berating Class G on their improper use of facilities, and that provokes Anisette to duel the opposing class.

Mission Briefing

"Your mission is to drive off a rival class who are in the middle of an exercise. Capture the enemy base camp in area 3 to secure the concert area. For this battle, only Avan and Anisette will be deployed."


This mission is relatively easy compared to most other missions. It is comprimised of Snipers, Shocks and Scouts. If you have Avan as a Sniper, then it should be a cakewalk.

Anisette's long range weakness should be filled with Avan's strength and vice versa.

Take your time and have Anisette go in first to locate any adversaries but when Snipers are located, then it is advised to position Avan and have him take them on. A headshot should be your ideal dispatch. Along the way, some enemies may be hidden in the grass and therefore must be taken with caution.

If you keep up with this strategy; by having Anisette scout ahead for potential targets and then having Avan deal with the more dangerous troops, you should get this done quickly.


Base Reward
EXP 14263
DCT 5693
Weapon Parts Gun Parts.png Heavy Gtling Pts C
Enemy Ace Reward
Lead LV2.png Lead A Lv2
Lead LV2.png Lead B Lv2
Ragnite LV2.png Ragnite C Lv2
Gunpowder LV2.png Gunpowder B Lv2
Gunpowder LV2.png Gunpowder C Lv2
Gunpowder LV2.png Gunpowder A Lv2
Ragnite LV2.png Ragnite A Lv2
Ragnite LV2.png Ragnite B Lv2
Lead LV2.png Lead C Lv2
Special Units Bonus
Captured All Base Camps Bonus
Ragnite LV2.png Ragnite A Lv2
Ragnite LV2.png Ragnite C Lv2
Gunpowder LV2.png Gunpowder B Lv2
Gunpowder LV3.png Gunpowder D Lv3
Gunpowder LV2.png Gunpowder A Lv2
Gunpowder LV3.png Gunpowder B Lv3
Lead LV2.png Lead A Lv2
Gunpowder LV3.png Gunpowder C Lv3
Ragnite LV2.png Ragnite B Lv2
Lead LV2.png Lead C Lv2
Lead LV2.png Lead B Lv2
Gunpowder LV2.png Gunpowder C Lv2


After the battle, Anisette claims the rights to use the drill grounds. Edy suddenly appears, complimenting her on how much she has improved. Avan, confused on who Edy, forces Edy to introduce herself as the "star/heroine" of Squad 7. Though Avan still doesn't believe in Edy, Edy gives up and goes to see Anisette perform.

Motivated from a splendid performance by Anisette and Avan, Edy decides to sing for Anisette. Avan doesn't deem this singing, but rather grinding and screeching.

After the "song," Edy departs. With Anisette wishing to perform as well as Edy one day, Avan intervenes and tells her not to take up singing.


  • Anisette 'likes' Avan.
  • Unlock Anisette's 4th Personal Potential, Diligent - Constant hard work pays off, restoring HP.
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