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Class G (Squad G) of the Lanseal Military Academy, led by Avan Hardins, and their battle against the GRA is the main focus of the videogame Valkyria Chronicles 2. It is generally considered a mob of disorganized misfits and slackers by most students on campus, but in truth, it consists of those whose aptitude screening test results were unclear. The advisor of Class G is Professor Hubert Brixham.

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Squad Leader

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Major Engagements


  • There are special playable characters that can be unlocked by the player. They are not actually part of the class in the storyline. All bonus content passwords can be found here. Note that not all special characters are unlocked with passwords.


  • G is the seventh letter of the alphabet, no doubt a reference to Squad 7, the heroes of the previous war and the protagonists of Valkyria Chronicles.
  • The special members (except for Hubert, Leon, Juliana, Julius, Ramal, Mintz and Emilia) all come from VC1.
  • Emilia Percival is the main protagonist of Phantasy Star Portable 2.

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