Cherry Stijnen (VC1)

Cherry Stijnen
Cherry Stijnen
Birth Date c.1919 (Aged 18 by 1937)
Affiliation Gallian Militia
Role Gallian militiaman (former)
Likes Rosie
Voice Acting
Japanese Saki Yasuda
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Cherry Stijnen (チェリー・スタイネン Cherī Sutainen?) is a sixteen year old Squad 7 scout and fashionista who appears in the original Valkyria Chronicles videogames.


Trends and pretty boys form the center of her world, with "Gallian Girl" weekly her preferred fix for top-notch photos of both. Her enlistment was motivated by a strong attraction to the big city. There, she found Rosie, whose freewheeling attitude and city-girl cool inspired her.

She returned home where, at only 17, she married and gave birth to a child. She divorced soon after, and now spends her days devoted to raising her daughter.

Expanded Biography

Cherry loves men and anything that is currently "in." She has a habit of saying "like" when she speaks. Cherry adores "Gallian Girl" magazine, and the only reason why she joined the militia was because it would allow her to see the big city. She considers the free-spirited Rosie to be an excellent role model. After the war, Cherry returned home, got married, had a child, and promptly got divorced. She now struggles to raise her child as a single mother.


Base Stats

  • HP - 183
  • Accuracy - 16
  • Evasion - 20
  • AP - 800
  • Defense - 0

Max Stats

  • HP - 279
  • Accuracy - 43.8
  • Evasion - 55.2
  • AP - 900
  • Defense - 3

Personal Potentials

Potential Description
Child Of Nature Paved roads feel strange and cold, leading to discomfort and lowered defense.
Chatty Cathy Whenever a close friend is nearby, they just can't help but chitchat, a distraction that lowers their accuracy.
Fancies Men Having men nearby makes them happy, leading to increased accuracy when firing.
Rosie Lover Just knowing Rosie is nearby gives confidence and a boost in attack power.

Battle Potentials

Potential Description
Undodgeable Shot Attacks have a set probability of being impossible for enemies to evade.
Skilled Assassin If able to successfully land an attack without being noticed first, attack power and evasion both rise.
Dud Mine Land mines have a set chance of not exploding when tripped.
Ultimate Evade Evasion Skills are greatly enhanced on a permanent basis.



  • "I'm sooo on it."
  • "Ha! Leave it to me!"


  • "I'm sooo gonna shoot!"
  • "Ya!"
  • "You are sooo over!"

Killing a Foe

  • "Like, duh."

Enemy Sighted

  • "Enemy found."
  • "Spotted an enemy!"

Team Attack

  • "... And like, me too?!"
  • "I'll like, help out!"
  • 'I'll totally help out!"
  • "Rosie, I'll totally help out" (Rosie)
  • "Ted, I'll help you out!" (Ted)
  • "Ramona, I'll help you out!" (Ramona)

Personal Potentials

  • "I'm like, wilting here!" (Child of Nature)
  • "Hey! Are you like, listening?!" (Chatty Cathy)
  • "You boys like cherries?" (Fancies Men)
  • "Rosie, you're like, the man!" (Rosie Lover)

Battle Potentials

  • "Soo... Dodgings no fair, all right?" (Undodgable Shot)
  • I'm like, sooo into this!" (Skilled Assassin)
  • "Shh, like how lucky am I?" (Dud Mine)
  • "You're like - I'll Shoot, then I'm all... Whatever." (Ultimate Evade)

Healed by Ragnaid

  • "Super duper, thanks!"

Rescuing an Ally

  • "Medic!"

After Medic Visit

  • "You've got to pull through okay... OKAY!?"
  • "Medic! Like, I need you to motor here!"
  • "Stay strong, Rosie!" (Rosie)
  • "You can like, do this Ted!" (Ted)
  • "Ramona, dying's sooo not okay." (Ramona)

HP Critical

  • "... Seriously hurting here."
  • "Uh... Hello?"


  • "... I'm... In trouble here... Ugh..."


  • "Ugh... So lame... I'm like... Totally... Dying here..."

Enter Squad 7

  • "I'm Cherry Stijnen, like, with a J. It's Silent... But, Uhm... I'm not."

Exit Squad 7

  • "Ugh, like, finally! I sooo need a break. I was totally dying! So yeah, bye!"
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