The Final Battle
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VC4 Ch18b
Number Chapter 18(2), part 5
Terrain Ice Field
Time of day Day
Number of units 12: Claude (Hafen), 1 vehicle slot, Riley, 7 open slots, 2 reserves
CP Start 10, 9 per turn
SP 1
Turn limit 20
Turns for S rank 6
Objectives Riley reaches the Centurion

The enemy's giant tank is destroyed

Failure conditions All allied infantry fall in action

3 turns pass
Riley dies
20 turns pass (when Riley reaches Centurion)

Special conditions Boss-insignia Lophius

Ship Orders unavailable

Enemy vehicles None
Enemy officers None
Enemy ace(s) None
Ace drop(s) None
Chapter 18: Devotion, Part 2 is the last part of the final chapter of Valkyria Chronicles 4. The combat mission in this is The Final Battle, or The Final Battle (Hard) if this is done in the postgame.



Ch 18b


  • Schwartzgrad
  • Centurion

This is it... Our last mission.

"The Centurion has been set to detonate. Lieutenant Miller, we need you to board the ship and deactivate the A2 bomb. Should Lieutenant Miller fall, we'll have no way of stopping the detonation sequence. Judging by the state of the Centurion, you don't have much time left. Once the lieutenant reaches the ship, Squad E will concentrate on the enemy's amphibious tank. Its armor looks extremely durable, so the radiator may be its only vulnerable spot. And even the radiator is armored, so aiming with normal methods could prove difficult. But there is an opening just big enough for a soldier to reach from the top of the tank. Engineers should be able to set up ladder on the side and back of tank. Also, you can target the guns on the tank to put a damper on its firepower. Destroying all the guns ought to give you a chance at safely reaching the radiator."

Location: Schwartzgrad, Port

Description: Defeat the giant tank! Get Riley to the target in 3 turns or fewer, then destroy all 4 radiators. Ship Orders are currently available.

"You're cleared for deployment, Squad E. Please, let's end this once and for all."

Differences in The Final Battle (Hard)

  • 2 turns instead of 3 to get Riley to the Centurion (this is also reflected on the mission description)
  • All enemies become level 30 Paragons
  • All enemies gain improved weapons and armor
  • 10 turns instead of 20 to destroy all radiators
  • Different placement for some enemy infantry, plus some additional ones
  • Anti-tank and anti-personnel mines are placed in certain areas
  • An air intake valve for the Lophius is targetable from the front. Hitting it will reduce its movement for the turn





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