Calamity Raven Breakout

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Grade ★★★
Terrain Plains
Time of day Day
Area Effect None
Number of units 9: 9 empty slots
CP Start 8(+2), 8(+2) per turn
SP 1
Turns for S rank 6
Objectives Capture the two enemy bases
Failure conditions The enemy succeeds in taking your base
Morale 0, or all infantry and reserves defeated
20 turns pass
Enemy ace(s) Toku the Dreamer


Mission Briefing

We have encountered the Calamity Ravens led by Zig in the Naggiar plains.

Capture the enemy base camps in area 3 and area 4.


Leave area 2 empty.

Leave your tank undeployed, equip it with all-purpose cannon and frontal armor (前面装甲改), put your leaders into area 5 and start the mission.

Give your scout master or elite the Gallian-R and the armor.

You need a gunner, and an assault with ZM-MPX.

Mission Banter

Zig: You've finally shown yourselves, Nameless!

Zig: Valkyrur! I will defeat you and offer up your head to Sir Dahau!

Zig: For our independance.. Let's go!

Kurt: This unusually high morale.. It's not wonder Sergeant Hardins had so much trouble.

Kurt: Listen up, don't show any openings! We're taking them down!

Kurt: Make sure no one is stranded out there, take them out from both sides!

Phase 1

  1. Deploy a sniper to take out the assault holding position at the ledge.
  2. Deploy a scout elite at least to take the northwest base in one turn. Stick to the wall to avoid the pillbox from being able to fire on you.
  3. Deploy a lancer to take out the pillbox.
  4. Deploy a scout elite or master with armor to take the bottom base.
  5. Same action.
  6. Same action.
  7. Deploy a scout to take the area 3 southeast base.
  8. Deploy a tank into area 3 and move west with it. Kill the snipers, they have AT weapons, so make sure to face your front armor to the snipers.
  9. Deploy a sniper into area 2 and take out the sniper closer to the base.

Phase 2

  1. Defend your base in area 5.
  2. Same action.
  3. Take out the bunker in area 2 closer to the base.
  4. Take out the far bunker by loading Margit or Gloria into the tower as a lancer.
  5. Move a sniper south, take out the sniper in the tower here.
  6. Take the ace out.
  7. Same action.
  8. Move your tank forward to shell the two reinforced snipers. 
  9. Move your engineer forward.
  10. Same action.

Phase 3

  1. Move your tank into the north base.
  2. Take the base with your engineer, repair your tank.
  3. Use your strongest assault to take the other base using the shortest path possible.
  4. Bring an assault into area 4 and fire into the radiator of the pillbox.
  5. Use the same assault again and destroy the pillbox, move into it's position staying a healthy distance away from the ledge.
  6. Deploy your tank and move it opposite the pillbox's position, point your weapon towards the opening.
  7. Deploy a sniper to take out the enemy sniper if any.
  8. Deploy an assault with ZM-MPX into your base and move it up the ledge ahead of your tank. Stay away from the ledge.
  9. Same action.
  10. You can deploy additional gunners up the ledge to guard your tank from Zig. Do not stand too close to the ledge.

Phase 4

  1. Take the final base. You can use Imca's Open Fire to clear the way.


  • EXP 8000
  • DCT 14000
  • 車体開発計画A02 (Chassis Research Plans A02)



Clash of fates Zig: Damn it!! This shouldn't be..! Uaagh!!

Raven: Lieutenant Zig, Captain Dahau prohibits suicidal attacks against the enemy.

Raven 2: We must get to Captain Dahau and regroup.

Zig: Damn..!!

Raven: There is no shame in a tactical withdrawal.

Raven 2: Everything is for Captain Dahau, it is for our dream of independance..!

Zig: If I could at least kill the Valkyrur, the dream will become a reality!

Raven: There will be opportunities in the future, please.

Zig: ..For Sir Dahau, I must tell myself that.

Zig: We will meet up with Sir's squad. Withdraw immediately.

Imca: The enemy squad, retreating. That was no challenge..

Kurt: Underestimating our enemies will do you no good.

Riela: Kurt, are we going after them?

Kurt: Going after that squad now will probably put us face to face with Captain Dahau..

45: We should have dealt a blow to Calamity Raven with these.

Leila: We could go after them, or we could pull back now. It's dignified either way.

Alfons: How rare of you to take a cautious approach.

Leila: I don't think I've ever said charging in like a bull is ever a good idea.

21: As Leila says, it's a difficult decision. What do we do Kurt?

Valerie: Wait! An emergency message from Gallia, we intercepted it!

Valerie: ..Commander! The Imperial Valkyrur has shown up!

Kurt: What?!

Imca: ...!!

Valerie: The Valkyrur is in the Empire's eastern frontline!

Valerie: The Gallian Regular armor division has been routed in mere 3 minutes.. The Valkyrur is making her way towards the other front, we've lost sight of her..!

Kurt: The Imperials have cast their trump card..

Imca: ..With the current state of battle, I can't get near her.

Riela: Kurt, I..

Kurt: Imca, Riela, calm down.. it's not the time to rush a conclusion yet.

Alfons: Commander! There doesn't seem to be any time to think! Something bad is coming our way!

Kurt: The Calamity Raven's main body..! Were they waiting for this moment!!

Dahau: Selvaria's attacks has caused the Gallian armies to be in disconcert. 

Dahau: There will no longer be any distractions to get in my way.

Dahau: Valkyrur.. Prepare to be defeated by the Echidna!


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