The Resistance
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VC4 Ch13
Number Chapter 13, part 5
Terrain Urban
Time of day Day
Number of units 12: Claude (Hafen), 1 vehicle slot, 8 open slots, 2 reserves
CP Start 6, 5 per turn
SP 1
Turn limit 20
Turns for S rank 5
Objectives The enemy base camp is captured
Failure conditions The enemy occupies your base camp

All allied infantry fall in action
20 turns pass

Special conditions Ship Orders unavailable

Medic unavailable until ace defeated

Enemy vehicles Tank-insignia Major Burke

Tank-insignia Light Tank x 2
Tank-insignia Medium Tank x 2
Fixed-weapon-insignia Heavy Gatling Turret x 5
Fixed-weapon-insignia Heavy AT Cannon x 3

Enemy officers Scout-insignia Scout Elite x 1

Shocktrooper-insignia Trooper Elite x 1

Enemy ace(s) Sniper-insignia Ixa the Medi-Killer
Ace drop(s) ZM SG 4(e)
Chapter 13: Waiting for Springtime is the thirteenth chapter in Valkyria Chronicles 4. The combat mission in this is The Resistance.



Ch 13


  • Civic Street
  • City Hall

Here's our plan to rescue General Manuel

"Our task is to capture the city hall to the north, where he is held captive. The main road is the most direct route, but they've built a barricade to block it off. It's up to you whether to stage a frontal assault or to find a more indirect route. The enemy commander is named Major Burke. According to the Blue Rose, he's as cunning as he is ruthless. Expect him to lay a trap. As a reminder, we're acting separately from the Centurion. We won't have their support."

Location: Loweholm Urban Area

Description: Rescue General Manuel by capturing the enemy base camp. The makeshift barricades can be destroyed, but Ship Orders will be unavailable.

"That concludes the briefing. Now hop to it, Claude!"





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