Warehouse Supply Raid
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VC4 Ch12.jpg
Number Chapter 12, part 6
Terrain Urban
Time of day Night
Number of units 10: Claude, Kai, 7 open slots, 1 reserve
CP 6 per turn + 5 leader(s)
SP 1
Turn limit 20
Turns for A rank 4
Objectives Any allied unit reaches Warehouse D2
Failure conditions An enemy unit enters your base camp

All allied infantry fall in action
20 turns pass

Special conditions Searchlights

Kai is unavailable upon mission start

Enemy vehicles Fixed-weapon-insignia.png Gatling Turret x 1

Fixed-weapon-insignia.png Heavy Gatling Turret x 1

Enemy officers Shocktrooper-insignia.png Trooper Elite x 1

Sniper-insignia.png Sniper Elite x 1
Grenadier-insignia.png Grenadier Elite x 1

Enemy ace(s) Lancer-insignia.png Duke Allibert
Ace drop(s) VB PL 1B(e)

Chapter 12: Midnight Run is the twelfth chapter of Valkyria Chronicles 4. The combat mission in this is Warehouse Supply Raid.



Ch 12.jpg


  • Quarantine Depot
  • Cargo Port
  • Port Warehouse

Let's review the mission at hand

"According to Resistance intelligence, everything we need is in Warehouse D2. Regrettably, its exact location is unknown. We'll have to pinpoint the target ourselves. It goes without saying that the Empire is closely patrolling its supply depot. If we're caught in the searchlight, they'll sound the alarm and call for reinforcements. For now, we'll have to be judicious with our use of the armored personnel carrier. If an enemy finds it, our cover will be blown and we'll be forced to retreat. Do not let a single Imperial near the APC."

Location: Imperial Warehouse District

Description: Steal Imperial supplies by sending an ally to Warehouse D2. Its exact location is unknown, and visibility is poor at night. The mission will end in failure if an enemy reaches your base camp.

"That's all. Be careful out there."


  • Kai runs off before the start of the battle, leaving her unavailable for use in the fight.


Base Reward
17440 53160
Enemy Ace Reward
Lancer-insignia.png Duke Allibert - VB PL 1B(e)
Ranking Bonus
Turns Rank EXP DCT
1-4 A 34880 79740
5 B 26160 63792
6 C 17440 53160
7+ D 0 0
Unit Rewards
Unit Count EXP DCT
Leader 3 1046 3189
Ace 1 523 1594
Heavy Tank
Special Tank
Stationary Gun 2 697 2126
Total 6 2266 6909
Other Rewards
If A rank, receive Simple Sight accessory (Acc +3, Range +20).


After the battle, Kai went to confront Forseti, furiously telling him that she wouldn't work for him anymore due to his disproportionate "ends justify the means" philosophy, as he had, in Chapter 08: The Crystal Sea, Part 2 ordered the invasion and destruction of the island village so as to plant his spies aboard the Centurion. To Kai's shock, Claude, Raz, and Riley found her and Forseti, discovering how Kai had defected from the Federation; however, they were unable to confront Forseti, as Imperial troops discovered them and forced them to retreat.

Meanwhile, after restoring Angelica's memories, Crymaria spitefully and sadly told Angie how her powers could lead to her best friends, like Riley, being hurt or even killed for Angie's abilities, to Angie's fear and dismay. However, Angie had to put this possible issue aside, as she had to follow Kai, Claude, Raz, and Riley back to the Centurion.

When the pursuing Imperial troops came across Crymaria, she covered for Angie, saying that she had "melted [the Federation soldiers] down, until nothing was left" to throw Angie's pursuers off her trail, also throwing in a dose of glowing-red eyes to solidify the message. Crymaria then lamented how Valkyria like herself and Angie had no-one they could really trust and love without hurting.

The supply run was a success, with the Loweholm Blue Rose rebels supplying the Centurion with enough food, fuel, and ammunition to last for weeks, enough to make it to Schwartzgrad. Though Riley had become somewhat suspicious of Kai, Raz covered for her, saying that if Kai said that the knowledge of what she and Forseti had done would hurt them, they should allow her to stay silent. This successfully convinced Riley and Claude to trust Kai and not push at her story, to her teary-eyed shock, guilt, and gratitude.


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