Refugee Evacuation
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VC4 Ch08b
Number Chapter 8(2), part 3
Terrain Snow
Time of day Day
Number of units 11: Claude (Hafen), 8 open slots, 2 reserves
CP Start 7, 7 per turn
SP 1
Turn limit 20
Turns for S rank 5
Objectives The enemy base camp is captured

The Hafen reaches its destination

Failure conditions The enemy occupies your base camp

All allied infantry fall in action
20 turns pass
The Hafen is destroyed

Special conditions Blizzard every other turn

Arrives as reinforcements:
Boss-insignia Nikola
Boss-insignia Chiara

Enemy vehicles Tank-insignia Assault Tank x 1

Fixed-weapon-insignia Heavy AT Cannon x 1

Enemy officers Tank-insignia Assault Tank x 1
Enemy ace(s) Scout-insignia Supersonic Marath
Ace drop(s) ZM Kar 3(e)
Chapter 08: The Crystal Sea, Part 2 is the second part of the eighth chapter of Valkyria Chronicles 4. The second combat mission in this chapter is Refugee Evacuation.



Ch 8b


  • Snowy Hill
  • Mountain Path
  • To the Crystal Sea

We have our next mission

"First, capture the enemy's hilltop camp to stop them from pursuing the civilians. Once that's done, Squad E will retreat while eliminating any hostile units giving chase. The mission will be complete when the Hafen reaches its designated extraction point. But be warned, these are no ordinary grunts. They're some of the Empire's finest troops. Look out for interception fire from snipers while you're on the move. By the way, we've picked up early signs of a snowstorm gathering nearby. Blizzards reduce visibility, so seeing through them is going to be difficult... But that goes both ways. Moving through a storm could help you avoid interception fire."

Location: Village

Description: To rescue the civilians, capture the southern camp, then move the Hafen to the target without it being destroyed. During blizzards, visibility is poor, and AP depletes faster while moving.

"Use what you learned from the mock battle. I have total confidence in you, Squad E."



Base Reward
15450 41560
Ranking Bonus
Turns Rank EXP DCT
1-4? A 30900 62340
5?-? B ? ?
? C ? ?
? D 0 0
Unit Rewards
Unit Count EXP DCT
Leader 1 309 831
Ace 1 463 1246
Tank 1 309 831
Heavy Tank
Special Tank
Stationary Gun 1 309 831
Other Rewards
If obtain A-Rank, receive Medic's Pouch



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