Mountainous Retreat
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VC4 Ch07a.jpg
Number Chapter 7, part 4
Terrain Snow
Time of day Day
Number of units 12: Claude (Hafen), 1 vehicle slot, Raz, Riley, Kai, 7 open slots
CP 5 per turn + 6 leader(s)
SP 1
Turn limit 20
Turns for A rank 6
Objectives 3 allied units reach the destination
Failure conditions All allied infantry fall in action

20 turns pass
3 allies die or have to retreat

Special conditions Time until permadeath reduced to 2 turns


Enemy vehicles Tank-insignia.png Light Tank x 1

Tank-insignia.png Assault Tank x 2
Fixed-weapon-insignia.png Gatling Turret x 1
Fixed-weapon-insignia.png Heavy AT Cannon x 4

Enemy officers Tank-insignia.png Assault Tank x 1

Scout-insignia.png Scout x 1
Shocktrooper-insignia.png Shocktrooper x 2
Lancer-insignia.png Lancer x 1
Sniper-insignia.png Sniper x 1

Enemy ace(s) Sniper-insignia.png Mash the Hunter
Ace drop(s) ZM SG 2(e)

A March in the Snow, Part 1 is the first part of the seventh chapter of Valkyria Chronicles 4. The combat mission in this is Mountainous Retreat.



Ch 7a.jpg


  • Avalanche Path
  • Valley
  • Railroad

Claude, I've got a situation report for you

"Our orders are to outrun the Imperials and make it through the mountains. There's a clearing north of here, so let's get there first and get into formation. The enemy's closing in from behind, so there's no time to lose. We won't be able to set up camp, either. Don't count on getting reinforcements. Hate to say it, but we're still catching our breath from the last retreat. If we lose too many troops, morale will drop so low we may never recover. We need to clear every obstacle in our way to make sure that doesn't happen. And I'm sure this terrain has some good sniping spots, if you know where to look."

Location: Achtzehn Mountain Trail

Description: Get 3 units to the target while fending off pursuit. The countdown from critical condition to death/retreat is reduced by 1 turn. Do not lose more than 3 units.

"We're going to get through this. Together."


  • One possible strategy to make this mission easier is to use the Cactus to transport your units to the target area -- with the Cactus' resistance to small-arms interception fire, it allows your units to much more efficiently move (and with less CP) to the target area than on their own.
    • The only wrinkle to this tactic are the Anti-Tank Cannons guarding the bridge before the final destination -- they are capable of badly damaging the Cactus and forcing it and the units inside to retreat. This makes destroying the cannons a high priority.
  • Imperial reinforcements arrive every turn at the player's starting point. Once the player's units pass a certain point, reinforcements start arriving at another point further north near the first bridge.


Base Reward
10940 26280
Enemy Ace Reward
Mash the Hunter - ZM SG 2(e)
Ranking Bonus
Turns Rank EXP DCT
1-6 A 21880 39420
7-8 B 16410 31536
9-10 C 10940 26280
11+ D 0 0
Unit Rewards
Unit Count EXP DCT
Leader 6 1312 3153
Ace 1 328 788
Tank 3 656 1576
Heavy Tank
Special Tank
Stationary Gun 5 1090 2625
Total 15 3390 8145
  • If any enemy leaders, tanks, or stationary guns are destroyed by an avalanche, it will not be credited in the mission report.


Squad E manages to elude their pursuers, as does their fellow Rangers in Squads D and F. In addition, they even receive word from Squad F's leader, Lt. Minerva Victor, that Federation reinforcements were on their way to regroup with the Rangers on the imperial coastline, further boosting Squad morale.


  • Although it seems somewhat silly for military leadership to place Anti-Tank guns right in active avalanche zones, there actually is a plausible, non-military reason for their placement: Avalanche Control. Real-world government organizations, like the U.S. National Park Service and Forest Services, sometimes use surplus military artillery to preemptively trigger controlled mini-avalanches, dislodging snow buildup and thus preventing larger, more destructive avalanches from occurring, such as the ones that Squad E can use to sweep away opposing imperial units. A possible in-universe explanation for these AT-Guns and grenadiers is that they are avalanche control cannons repurposed for wartime, hastily moved along the canyon to intercept Squad E and guard the area from Federation attack.


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