Withdrawal From Lindbergh
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VC4 Ch06.jpg
Number Chapter 6, part 6
Terrain Dirt
Time of day Day
Number of units 12: Claude (Hafen), 1 vehicle slot, 8 open slots, 2 reserves
CP 5 per turn + 6 leader(s)
SP 1
Turn limit 20
Turns for A rank 4
Objectives Phase 1:

All enemy camps are captured

Phase 2:
Defend camps for 4 turns, or rout enemy (Destroy all enemy units)

Failure conditions The enemy occupies your base camp

All allied infantry fall in action
20 turns pass

Phase 2:
The enemy occupies an allied camp

Special conditions Boss-insignia.png Vulcan (arrives during Phase 2)
Enemy vehicles Tank-insignia.png Medium Tank x 1

Tank-insignia.png Light Tank x 2

Enemy officers Sniper-insignia.png Sniper x 1
Enemy ace(s) Grenadier-insignia.png Kajmir the Watcher
Ace drop(s) VB GW 1(e)

Chapter 06: The Point of No Return is the sixth chapter in Valkyria Chronicles 4. The combat mission in this is called Withdrawal From Lindbergh.

Rita and Vancey join at the beginning of this chapter.


  • The early-arriving winter of 1935, aka the "Winter Witch", cut off Lindbergh Base from reinforcements.
  • Lieutenants Minerva Victor and Claude Wallace advocated for the Edinburgh Army to undertake a "hail Mary" offensive toward Schwartzgrad, since with no supplies or reinforcements incoming as a result of Winter, Operation Northern Cross was running out of time before its troops would have to surrender.
  • Before the Edinburgh Army could take action, the Imperial army attacked Lindbergh Base, ambushing several patrols and bombarding the surprised and confused Edinburgh troops.
  • Claude Wallace and Squad E undertook a major delaying action, leading a fighting retreat of allied troops and dealing severe damage to the imperial force.


Ch 6.jpg


  • Headquarters

I need you all to stay calm and listen

"We're under siege and must abandon the base. Our allies are already retreating, but it won't be long before the enemy catches up. Squad E, I need you to bring up the rear and secure an escape route for our allies. First, you'll have to recapture all the camps in the base. From there, you've got to fend off the enemy until we're finished withdrawing. Reports also indicate that enemy reinforcements are on the way. If we lose even one of our camps, there's no stopping the Imperials. I know it's going to be a brutal fight, but I need you to do this."

Location: Lindbergh Base

Description: Secure an escape route for your allies by capturing and occupying all enemy camps for 4 turns, without allowing the Empire to recapture any of their bases back from Federation control.

"This isn't where it ends. Not for you, and certainly not for me!"


  • One possible strategy is to push enemy units into the fire by running them over with your tanks or blowing them back with explosives; the fire hurts enemy units just as much as they hurt the player's.


Base Reward
9840 18800
Enemy Ace Reward
Kajmir the Watcher - VB GW 1(e)
Ranking Bonus
Turns Rank EXP DCT
1-4 A 19680 37600
5 B 14760 28200
6 C 9840 18800
7+ D 0 0
Unit Rewards
Unit Count EXP DCT
Leader 2 393 752
Ace 1 393 752
Tank 3 590 1128
Heavy Tank
Special Tank 1 984 1880
Stationary Gun
Total 7 2360 4512
Other Rewards
If A rank, receive Small Tank Shard accessory (+10 vsArmor).

Up to 5 reward weapons, one for each condition met: A or B rank, all leaders defeated, all tanks defeated, no allies downed, no allies killed/forced retreat


  • Squad E was the last of the Federation units to retreat from Lindbergh Base.
  • The Battle of Lindbergh Base decimated the already exhausted, undersupplied, and outnumbered Federation troops, forcing the Federation Army to retreat south, out of the territory it had taken.
  • The 32nd Armored Ranger Corps, however, was ordered by Federation HQ to retreat 150 km west across the Achtzehn Mountains to the Crystal Sea; though given few details and ordered to operate under radio silence, Federation command assured them it was a crucial movement.
  • While Squad E retreated west, they ran across the body of an old man that had befriended Squad E in Einhemt and sold them black-market tank parts. According to the sign, imperial soldiers executed him because "[he had] betrayed [his] country for scraps"; this served as an example to any locals what would happen if they helped any Federation soldiers.


  • Battle took place in October of 1935, EC


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