Siege of the Castle
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VC4 Ch01.jpg
Number Chapter 02, part 4
Terrain Urban, Grass
Time of day Day
Number of units 10: Claude (Hafen) 5 open slots, 5 reserves

Riley (arrives during 2nd phase)

CP 4 per turn + 6 leader(s)
SP 1 (if progressed past Chapter 4b)
Turn limit 20
Turns for A rank 6
Objectives The enemy base camp is captured

Any allied unit reaches the target

Failure conditions The enemy occupies your base camp

All allied infantry fall in action
20 turns pass

Enemy vehicles Phase 1:

Tank-insignia.png Light Tank x 2
Fixed-weapon-insignia.png Gatling Turret x 2

Phase 2:
Fixed-weapon-insignia.png Gatling Turret x 4

Enemy officers Phase 1:

Scout-insignia.png Scout x 1

Phase 2:
Shocktrooper-insignia.png Shocktrooper x 1
Sniper-insignia.png Sniper x 1

Enemy ace(s) None
Ace drop(s) None

Chapter 01: The Battle of Fort Krest is the first chapter of Valkyria Chronicles 4. The combat mission in this is Siege of the Castle.



During the first part of the mission, only the lower half of the map is available. Squad E will start from an entry point to the south of the map, and must make their way into the plaza to capture the Imperial base camp located in the NW corner. There is a second Imperial camp in the NE corner.

The main path into the plaza is blocked off by debris, so Squad E will have to go left to access it. There are various obstacles throughout the plaza that can restrict movement and block sight. Due to this, troops will have to move in a counterclockwise pattern in order to get to the enemy camps. Grass is scattered to east of the plaza and the SW part of the map, offering infantry a way to conceal their movement.

Once the base camp is captured, all Squad E members will regroup at that location and the north half of the map becomes available. The bridge is littered with debris and indestructible barricades, preventing the tank from accessing it. In addition, Gatling turrets on the outer walls watching the bridge will make it difficult for infantry to cross. At the end of the bridge is another Imperial camp, and past that under the arch is the target point.

Ch 1.jpg


  • Bridge
  • River
  • Fort Krest

Here are your orders

"We're here to seize Fort Krest's howitzer. Squad E will lay siege to the castle and capture the enemy camp. However, turrets are guarding the entrance. If you wander into the machine guns' range, they'll cut through you like carving a cake. Concentrate on gaining a foothold, instead. The plaza out front will do... But first, you'll need to get into place. Position units on the battlefield to do so."

Location: Fort Krest

Description: Capture the enemy base camp at Fort Krest by eliminating the enemy soldiers in the vicinity, then pressing "interact" near the flag. The main objective is marked by a star.

"Now, capture that cannon!"


  • One possible strategy to help you deal with the machine gun emplacements in the second phase before Riley arrives is to team attack them - for example Aladdin, Kai, and Rosetta are an example of a team able to destroy a machine gun in a single volley.
  • If you want to optimize your run for speed, don't bother destroying the Gatling Turrets along the outer battlements - even if destroyed during the first phase of the mission, they will reappear during the second.
    • On the other hand, destroying the turrets in the first phase will increase the amount of exp and dct gained, if that's what players want to maximize.
  • Riley's mortar is somewhat finicky - her initial Sanders M1 is both somewhat underpowered and inaccurate, making destroying the Gatling Guns somewhat of a coin-flip. The Sanders can one-shot the Gatling Turrets, but only if Riley is lucky enough to hit the Guns' weak point (their human gunner) with her poor accuracy. Prepare the team with an engineer to resupply Riley just in case.


Base Reward
800 1400
Ranking Bonus
Turns Rank EXP DCT
1-6 A 1600 2800
7 B 1200 2400
8 C 800 1400
9+ D 0 0
Unit Rewards
Unit Count EXP DCT
Leader 3 192 336
Tank 2 128 224
Heavy Tank
Special Tank
Stationary Gun 6 384 672
Total 11 704 1232
Other Rewards
If A rank, receive "Patrol Cap" as an accessory (+10 HP).


  • Although Squad E, with fire support from the newly-arrived grenadier Riley Miller, managed to reach the 21 cm Howitzer threatening the Federation Army's advance, the Imperial gunners destroyed the howitzer to prevent the Federation from using their equipment.
  • Riley soon reunited with her old childhood friends from Squad E, Kai Schulen and Raz
  • However, the reunion was spoiled by her anger at seeing their commander Claude Wallace.


  • The Imperial howitzer that Squad E aims to capture in this mission is a similar model (perhaps identical) to the howitzer in VC1's second Chapter 08 mission.


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