Calvaro Rodriguez
VC Calvaro1.png
Alias Ramrod
Birth Date c.1887 (Aged 50 by 1937)
Height 185cm
Affiliation Gallian Army
Gallian Militia
Lanseal Military Academy
Rank(s) Sgt profile.pngSergeant
Role EWI veteran
Gallian Army lancer (former)
Drill instructor
Voice Acting
Japanese Yukimasa Kishino
English Chris Edgerly

Calvaro Rodriguez (カレルヴォ・ロドリゲス Kareruvo Rodorigesu?) is the forty-eight year old drill instructor and ex-lancer of the Gallian Militia's training facilities.


Valkyria Chronicles

Sergeant Calvaro was the Chief Drill Instructor at the militia training grounds in Fort Amatriain. His stern countenance and harsh words haunt the dreams of soldiers near and far. During EWI, he fought on the front lines as a daredevil lancer but his left eye was hurt in a battle and was forced from front line thereafter. His impressive record won him recognition and the role of instructor for new recruits. Though his quick temper and blunt nature have earned him the nickname "Ramrod".

While constantly debasing the trainees verbally, he is genuinely appreciative of the accomplishments they achieve. After Valkyria Chronicles, Rodriguez leaves the Militia boot camp in the charge of Squad 7 shocktrooper Jane Turner. He later takes on a position similar to his previous one one at Lanseal Royal Military Academy.


  • There is a trainer named Antonio who looks like him and is also a drill instructor, but it is unclear whether or not the two are related.
  • He mentioned that Jane is tougher than him and felt sorry for the "poor guys" at Amatriain.
  • He wrote a book for drill instructors called "Hard Training", which is now widely used.
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