The Basics

Besides managing your cards and battling it out on the battlefield, the other important part of Valkyria Duel is the management of your base. You should not neglect this part as it will really help your troops in battle: Training facilities, item shop, coalition headquarter and other buildings can be built.

Note that your current supplies of DCT (money), Foods VCDuel (food), Iron VCDuel (iron) and Ragnite VCDuel (ragnite) will be displayed in the top right corner most of the time. By clicking on the graphics, you can switch between different information: Current stocks → Per hour production of the resource (and remaining time of the production boost if you bought one) → Time until the resources reach their maximum capacity.

Constructing Facilities

To build any kind of facility, you can either click on an empty square in your base overview, or follow the directions of Menu → Construction (button in the upper right corner). This will give you a list of all the kind of facilities you have not yet built and are available to you. You will unlock more buildings when leveling up your base.

After clicking on the type of facility you wish to built, you will see its costs regarding DCT, Foods VCDuel, Iron VCDuel and Ragnite VCDuel, the time the construction will take as well as a description of what this building is and in which way it will help you. Press the big button in the middle at the bottom to get into construction mode where you can place your facility. You can start the construction process by clicking the button in the upper right corner. The one below it will rotate your building if it has no square size. After confirming the construction order, the process will start and you will see a timer in the bottom left corner, counting down the time until the building is ready for use.

You can only have two buildings in your construction queue at a time, and only one is actively constructed! Take this into account if you need to have a building on the map quick: Put it there in the first place, as it will not be constructed at the same time as a building that is already being worked on.

Note that you can obtain and buy items to get another building slot (using GP), and that the construction time can also be diminished by upgrading your Terminal.

Upgrading Facilities

All of the facilities you have already built can and should be upgraded to gain more benefits and bonuses. A lot of buildings need to have a different facility at a certain level before they can be constructed in the first place! Buildings that are upgraded to level 11 also change in appearance.

The upgrading command for a facility is always the button on the top of the menu list to the left of the building's information sheet. By clicking on it, you will get the same kind of sheet you got when you constructed the building before, but with updated costs and time consumption as well as the soon to be better bonuses and benefits. Once again, the confirmation button is the big one in the middle on the bottom of the screen.

Note that all of your buildings maximum level is the same as the level of your headquarters.

Demolishing and Storing Facilities

If you need the space occupied by a building you don't need as much, you can destroy said building by clicking on the button in the bottom left corner of the buildings detail view. This option is not available for some buildings, most notably the ones you buy in the tutorial, as these are of very high importance.

After confirming your wish, the demolishing order will be put into the same queue as possible construction processes, which means that you can have at most one different task running already, as well as that the deconstruction takes time. After the task is finished, the space previously occupied will be free again and you gain back the resources put into the construction and upgrading of the facility.

Facility storage

The Facility Storage

If you have already built a Facility storage, you can reuse your buildings more efficiently: Instead of demolishing them, you can store the whole building inside the containers of the Facility storage, where they will not take up any space and can be rebuilt with the exact same level they had before being transferred inside the containers. After building a Facility storage, you will get a second option in the buildings detail view besides demolishing it in the lower left corner: A second button will now give you the option to store it. Once the building is inside the containers, you can click it in the Facility storage's detail view and give the order to reconstruct it, from which point on the procedure is the same as building a new facility.

The amount of time it takes to store and reconstruct the buildings as well as how many facilities you can store depends on the level of your Facility storage.

Buildings stored in the Facility Storage do not contribute to your military capability in any way, that is to say that if you have any training facilities levelled up but stored, the bonuses previously conferred will be lost until it is reconstructed.

List of Buildings

Structure Description Requirements
Headquarter (本部)
Headquater VCDuel
This is the first building you have, and one of the most important as well. By upgrading it, you will be able to have a total of 10 more Card Costs in your active squad per Level, as well as access to a higher mission ranks.
  • None
Terminal (ターミナル)
Terminal VCDuel
Your main source of resources: Foods VCDuel, Iron VCDuel and Ragnite VCDuel. By upgrading the Terminal itself, four each level you will lower the overall production time by 2% and gain a 1% bonus on all three resource productions.
  • Headquarter Lv1
  • Bakery: Your food supply will heavily rely on this subcategory of the terminal. By upgrading it, you will raise the production rate of Foods VCDuel.
  • Steelworks: The center of your steel production. By upgrading this second subcategory, you will raise the production rate of Iron VCDuel.
  • Ragnite Refinery: This is where your valuable ragnite will be produced. Upgrading this subcategory will raise the production rate of Ragnite VCDuel.
Material warehouse
Material warehouse VCDuel
A big shed to store all of your resources! Leveling up this facility will raise your capacity of all the three resource categories. With increasing production, you should definitely upgrade this building to not let any resource overflow and go to waste.
  • Terminal Lv1
Item shop (調達屋)
Item shop VCDuel
Here, you can buy items and production boosts. The costs will come in the form of DCT or GP – or both. The first tab shows popular items, while the second one shows items that are only available for limited amount of time. The third tab will let you buy production boosts for GP, and the last tab shows construction or battle related items. Upgrading the Item Shop itself will unlock new items to be bought.
  • Material warehouse Lv1
Promotion center
Promotion center
Provides players with 'card synthesis' option, with which you can train your individual characters by sacrificing other cards in their favor. By upgrading the facility itself, you will raise the experience gained by 0.5% per level.
  • Headquarter Lv2
  • Item shop Lv1
Coalition Headquarter
Coalition headquarter
Here you can assemble your buddies and create a coalition, with which you can also take part in the battle for Top 100 coalitions in an area. The coalition leader can upgrade his Coalition Headquarters to raise the member limit . The building also comes with the additional bonus of increasing the rate at which you gather materials by 1% per level.
  • Promotion center Lv1
Facility storage
Facility storage
This building lets you store unused facilities and free up space for others. Leveling up this building reduce the amount of time needed to store and reconstruct and increase the numbers of facility that can be stored.
  • Major vcduel
  • Material warehouse Lv7
HP training area
HP training area
Increases the 'HP' multiplier of support/back-up cards by 0.1 per level.
  • Headquarter Lv3
Movement training area
Movement training area
Increases the 'Movement' multiplier of support/back-up cards by 0.1 per level.
  • Headquarter Lv3
Reconnaissance training area
Search training area
Increases the 'Recon' multiplier of support/back-up cards by 0.1 per level.
  • Headquarter Lv3
Attack training area
Attack training area
Increases the 'Attack' multiplier of support/back-up cards by 0.1 per level.
  • Headquarter Lv3
Accuracy training area
Accuracy training area
Increases the 'Accuracy' multiplier of support/back-up cards by 0.1 per level.
  • Headquarter Lv3
Defense training area
(防御訓練場)Defense training area
Increases the 'Defense' multiplier of support/back-up cards by 0.1 per level.
  • Headquarter Lv3
Evasion training area
Evasion training area
Increases the 'Evasion' multiplier of support/back-up cards by 0.1 per level.
  • Headquarter Lv3
Recovery training area
Recovery training area
Increases the 'Recovery' multiplier of support/back-up cards by 0.1 per level.
  • Headquarter Lv3
Fuel storage (燃料庫)
Fuel storage
Increases the capacity of Fuel Points to be used for participation in battles. Leveling this structure also increases the maximum amount of Fuel Points and raises its generation speed by 1% per level.
  • Lieutenant vcduel
  • Terminal Lv3
  • Item ship Lv3
Ammunition storage
Ammunition storage
Building and upgrading this facility will lower the regeneration time of Ammunition Points by 1% per level.
  • Captain vcduel
  • Fuel storage Lv3
Control point research lab (制圧研究所)
Control point lab
Increase the amount of Control Point received after battles by 1% per level.
  • Senior captain vcduel
  • Headquarter Lv6
Potential laboratory
Potential lab
Increases the success rate of leveling up potentials and orders during 'Card synthesis'.
  • Lieutenant colonel vcduel
  • Headquarter Lv10
  • Promotion center Lv5
Reconnaissance room
Search operation
Increase the chance of finding boss units.
  • Colonel vcduel
  • Headquarter Lv12
  • Ammunition storage lv6
Boot camp (兵士養成所)
Boot camp
For each level of this building you will gain +1 TP after battles.
  • Senior colonel vcduel
  • Headquarter Lv15
  • Fuel storage lv8

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