Balthus Greppenberg
Balthus Greppenberg in Valkyria Revolution.
Affiliation Ruzhien Empire
Imperial Army
Grand Generals
Rank(s) Gen profile.pngGeneral
Role No. 4 of the Grand Generals
Minster for Foreign Affairs
Valkyria Revolution
Voice Acting
Japanese Kenji Nojima

Balthus Greppenberg (バルデュス・グリッペンベルク Barudyusu Gurippenberuku?) is one of the Grand Generals of the Ruzhien Empire and serves as an antagonist in Valkyria Revolution. Balthus operates the magic machine known as the Dragon.[1]


No. 4 of the Empire’s Grand Generals. Admiral. Also serves as the Minister for Foreign Affairs. The youngest of the “Four Generals.” He assists Gilouche in the army. He’s a trickster with a youngest sibling mentality who has good people skills. He contributed greatly to the expansion of territory along with surrender negotiations. As recognition of his ability, he was entrusted with southern expansion and his zone of jurisdiction was also changed to a zone adjoining Jutland. He participated in the orphanage raid incident, and is an enemy of Amleth and company. Since he excels in diplomacy, he speaks with the correct tone for the time, place, and occasion. He is good at currying favor in general, and doesn’t have a terribly military bearing and can be moderately vulgar on the battlefield. He likes "dragon-type" heavy magic machinery.[1]


Valkyria Revolution

After Vanargand defeats his Dragon, Balthus is slain by Amleth.


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