These are the quotes for Avan Hardins, a character from Valkyria Chronicles 2.


Squad Leader

"Let's show 'em what we've got, guys!"
"Let's do some damage, guys!"
"We've got this! Let's go!"
"It's show time, guys! Everybody ready?!"
"Time to show 'em what Class G can really do!"


"Okay, let's go!"
"Moving out!"


"Hrrragh!" noicon
"Comin' atcha!" noicon

Killing a foe

"All right!"
"Enemy down!"

Enemy Sighted

"I see one!" noicon
"Enemy spotted!" noicon

Team Attack

"I've got your back."
"Leave it to me!"
"Right behind you, Alexis! (Alexis)
"I'm with you, Aliasse!" (Aliasse)
"I'm here, Anisette!" (Anisette)
"Right behind you, Chloe!" (Chloe)
"I'm here, Coleen!" (Coleen)
"I'm here, Cosette!" (Cosette)
"Make room, Erik!" (Erik)
"I'm with you, Franca!" (Franca)
"I'm with you, Heinz!" (Heinz)
"Make room, Helmut!" (Helmut)
"I'm with you, Inghild!" (Inghild)
"Count me in, Jamill!" (Jamill)
"Make room, Joachim!" (Joachim)
"I'm here, Jugin!" (Jugin)
"Make room, Lavinia!" (Lavinia)
"Count me in, Lotte!" (Lotte)
"I'm with you, Magari!" (Magari)
"Count me in, Marion!" (Marion)
"I'm with you, Melissa!" (Melissa)
"I'm here, Mischlitt!" (Mischlitt)
"I'm with you, Morris!" (Morris)
"Make room, Nahum!" (Nahum)
"Count me in, Nichol!" (Nichol)
"I'm with you, Noel!" (Noel)
"Count me in, Pete!" (Pete)
"Make room, Randy!" (Randy)
"Count me in, Raymond!" (Raymond)
"I'm with you, Reiner!" (Reiner)
"Right behind you, Rene!" (Rene)
"Right behind you, Sigrid!" (Sigrid)
"Count me in, Sofia!" (Sofia)
"Right behind you, Vario!" (Vario)
"Right behind you, Vicky!" (Vicky)
"I'm with you, buddy!" (Zeri)

Personal Potentials

"Grrr, I'm just getting started!" (Hot-Blooded)
"Hah, what's a little blood loss?!" (Unprecedented)
"A crisis is a turning point, right bro?" (Brother's Words)
"Watch over me, Leon." (Left the Nest)
"Leave it to me! I'll think of something!" (Charisma)

Battle Potentials

"Yeah, I feel great!"
"Let me at 'em!"

Healed by Ragnaid

"Hey, thanks!"

Rescuing an Ally

"Medic, quick! Over here! Hurry!"

After Medic Visit

"Alexis! No, you can't die! Lex!" (Alexis)
"Don't die on me, Aliasse! You can't die!" (Aliasse)
"Medic! Be strong, Anisette!" (Anisette)
"Medic! We've got you, Chloe!" (Chloe)
"Medic! Hang in there, Coleen!" (Coleen)
"Cosette, Cosette! Hang tight, I'm here!" (Cosette)
"Medic! Tough it out, Erik!" (Erik)
"Medic! You can't let Franca die!" (Franca)
"Medic! Heinz, stay strong! Heinz!" (Heinz)
"You're tougher than this, Helmut! Come on!" (Helmut)
"Medic! We've got you, Inghild!" (Inghild)
"Be strong, Jamill! Just a bit longer!" (Jamill)
"You're OK now, Joachim! Easy, man!" (Joachim)
"Medic! Please don't let Jugin die!" (Jugin)
"You OK, Lavinia?! Hang in there!" (Lavinia)
"You're gonna be fine, Lotte! Hang on!" (Lotte)
"Medic! Don't die on me, Magari!" (Magari)
"Hang in there, Marion! Hang in there!" (Marion)
"Medic! You've got to help Melissa!" (Melissa)
"Medic! Please, you've got to help Mischlitt!" (Mischlitt)
"Medic! Morris! Morris, open your eyes!" (Morris)
"Medic! Nahum's in bad shape! Please!" (Nahum)
"Medic! Please, Nichol's hurt bad!" (Nichol)
"Medic! Noel, hold on! Noel!" (Noel)
"Don't you dare die, Pete! You hear me?!" (Pete)
"Medic! Please, just keep Randy alive!" (Randy)
"Medic! You're too big to die, Ray!" (Raymond)
"Hey! Look at me, Reiner! Come on!" (Reiner)
"Medic! Rene needs help! Please, hurry!" (Rene)
"Medic! Hang in there, Sigrid!" (Sigrid)
"Hang tight, Sofia! It won't be long now!" (Sofia)
"Medic! You gotta patch up Vario!" (Vario)
"Medic! Vicky needs help! Please!" (Vicky)
"Zeri! Don't even think of dying here!" (Zeri)

HP Critical

"Ngh, takes more than that!"
"Now, it's my turn!"


"Ugh... Damn...!"


"Rrgh... Sorry, guys. I... I'm pulling out."

Revived by Medic

"Dang, you're good!"

Status Ailment

"Ugh, I'm not feeling too good..."


"OK, listen close! Aim well, no missing allowed!" (Aim Boost)
"Hey, Brixy! You hear me?! Give me intel on the enemy! All of it!" (All Area Recon) noicon
"OK, listen close! All units, tear 'em down! Make 'em fear Class G!" (All Demolish) noicon
"OK, listen close! All units, aim well! Do it in one shot!" (All Units Aim) noicon
"OK, listen close! All units, fire at will!" (All Units Attack) noicon
"OK, listen close! All units, focus on defense! Tough it out!" (All Units Defend) noicon
"OK, listen close! All units, take cover, take cover!" (All Units Evade) noicon
"OK, listen close! What are you doing?! Get that treated!" (Antidote) noicon
"OK, listen close! Keep your eyes on your targets, guys! No misses!" (Area Aim)
"OK, listen close! Time to get it done! Shoot with all you got!" (Area Attack) noicon
"OK, listen close! Mind over matter, guys! It's only pain!" (Area Defense) noicon
"OK, listen close! Show 'em some fireworks! You guys are tank eaters!" (Area Demolish) noicon
"OK, listen close! Everybody, keep moving! Don't give 'em a target!" (Area Evade) noicon
"Hey, Brixy! You hear me?! I want intel on everyone in the area!" (Area Recon) noicon
"OK, listen close! Don't hold back! Fire!" (Attack Boost) noicon
"OK, listen close! We'll get you ammo! Don't stop firing!" (Auto Reload) noicon
"OK, listen close! Stay focused as you advance!" (Careful Advance) noicon
"OK, listen close! Hold fast! Hunker down and defend!" (Defense Boost) noicon
"OK, listen close! Blow 'em away!" (Demolish Boost) noicon
"OK, listen close! Watch their gun barrels! Be ready to dodge!" (Evade Boost) noicon
"OK, listen close! Kill the safety on your grenades! Light 'em up!" (Explosive Boost) noicon
"OK, listen close! First, patch that up. Then we'll talk." (First Aid)
"Hey, Brixy! You hear me?! Don't get stingy now, Brix, hook us up!" (Full Replenish)
"Hey, Brixy! You hear me?! We're banged up out here! Send a med team!" (Heal All)
"OK, listen close! Cut the limiter on your ragnaid!" (Healing Boost) noicon
"OK, listen close! No mercy! Hit 'em where it hurts!" (Hyperfocus) noicon
"OK, listen close! There! Now you're all covered!" (Immunization) noicon
"OK, listen close! I have faith in you guys! Believe in me!" (Inspiration) noicon
"Hey, Brixy! You hear me?! Send in the medic! Hurry!" (Medic Request) noicon
"OK, listen close! Don't give 'em a chance to return fire!" (Neutralize) noicon
"OK, listen close! Find the weakest spot and nail it!" (Penetration) noicon
"Hey, Brixy! You hear me?! We've got an injury! Help 'em out!" (Request Heal)
"Hey, Brixy! You hear me?! We need bullets if we're gonna shoot anybody!" (Resupply)
"OK, listen close! Watch your surroundings, that'll cut down damage!" (Total Defense) noicon
"OK, listen close! Hahah, time to give someone a really bad day!" (Trigger Boost) noicon


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