Defending Lanseal
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Grade ★★
Time of day Day
Area Effect None
Number of units 6: Avan + 5 others
CP Start 8, ? per turn
Turns for S rank 5
Objectives Allied base camp defended (8 turns)
All enemy units defeated
Failure conditions Allied base camp captured
Morale 0
All infantry+tank defeated
Special conditions Boss-insignia.pngDirk Gassenarl
Enemy vehicles Tank-insignia.png Supply Vhc
Enemy officers Valkyrur-insignia.png V2
Shocktrooper-insignia.png Commando
Sniper-insignia.png Sniper


With the Lanseal Festival happening, Avan plans his approach on the food stands. He then spots Juliana buying two Orange popsicles and heads over to Avan. Just as Avan was about to ask about Project Valhalla, Zeri appears. This catches Juliana off guard and then tries to pronounce his name; to no avail as she instead shifts the topic to Xenophobia. Zeri proudly replies with his opinion, and Avan tells Juliana that her popsicles are melting. Juliana, fed up, gives them to Avan and storms off. This leaves Cosette chasing after her and Zeri confused, wanting to hear her take on the situation.

Suddenly, a student spots something weird in the sky. It turns out to be a Rebel blimp, and it crashes into Lanseal's tower while dropping V2s onto the ground. Dirk also appears from the blimp, ready to cause even more havoc in Lanseal.

At the briefing room, the emergency radio has sounded and orders all students to assume combat positions. Cosette finds Avan safe in the room, and Zeri storms in briefing them of the situation. The rebels have taken over most of the buildings, and if they do not rally soon, Lanseal will fall. With the rest of Class G safe, Avan rallies them together, and leads them into battle.

Mission Briefing

The academy is ablaze due to a sneak attack by an unknown rebel force. Class G must defend the allied base camps in areas 1 and 2 for 8 turns to prevent the rebels entering the school buildings and dormitories housing noncombatants.



Base Reward
EXP 32,048
DCT 14,085
Weapon Parts Melee Parts.png Exp Maul Mech A
Enemy Ace Reward
Plywood LV2.png Plywood A Lv2
Plywood LV2.png Plywood B Lv2
Plywood LV2.png Plywood C Lv2
Ragnite LV2.png Ragnite A Lv2
Ragnite LV2.png Ragnite B Lv2
Ragnite LV2.png Ragnite C Lv2
Oak LV2.png Oak A Lv2
Special Units Bonus
Ragnite LV3.png Ragnite C Lv3
Oak LV2.png Oak C Lv2
Ragnite LV2.png Ragnite B Lv2
Ragnite LV3.png Ragnite D Lv3
Plywood LV2.png Plywood B Lv2
Plywood LV2.png Plywood C Lv2
Captured All Base Camps Bonus
Ragnite LV2.png Ragnite B Lv2
Plywood LV2.png Plywood C Lv2
Plywood LV2.png Plywood A Lv2
Oak LV2.png Oak C Lv2
Oak LV2.png Oak B Lv2
Ragnite LV2.png Ragnite C Lv2
Ragnite LV3.png Ragnite C Lv3


Despite successfully holding off waves of Artificial Valkyrur, Class G, and indeed all of Lanseal, is steadily driven back as the Rebels swarm the campus. Wounded and incapable of retaliation, Class G prepares to be decimated by the advancing wave of V2s, until a lone figure swathed in blue appears to destroy the Rebel Valkyrur. Juliana, outfitted in the latest version of Artificial Valkyria armor, faces off with Dirk in battle. She and the new Valkyria armor manage to punch through his defenses, destroying his helmet and forcing him back, while his own attack proves ultimately fatal.

Unhelmeted, Avan realizes Dirk is, in fact, his brother Leon. As the Rebels pull back, having failed in their mission to retrieve 'the Valkyria,' but having stolen unspecified research materials, Zeri spends Juliana's final moments with her as she confesses her feelings for him and gives to him her bracelet, to protect him where she can not, and to see the new Gallia together with him.


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