The Armored Tech is a core class exclusive to Valkyria Chronicles 2 and Valkyria Chronicles 3.


Armored Techs can disarm mines, rebuild sandbags and carry large shields into battle that can deflect most gunfire. They do not carry firearms, instead wielding warhammer-like weapons to strike enemies with melee attacks.

Their shields are strong enough to shrug off hits from most machine guns and, in some cases, tank shells, preventing damage to the Armored Tech; only with a weapon of sufficiently high power (unknown if determined by Anti-Armor or Anti-Personnel Power) can penetrate the shield and deal reduced damage.

Gallian Armored Techs

Valkyria Chronicles 2

In VC2, Armored Techs are the starting class of the Armored Tech Class Tree and can be promoted to either Tech Veterans or Fencers.

Standard equipment

Valkyria Chronicles 3

In VC3, Armored Techs are functionally identical to their VC2 incarnations, while gaining new abilities that increase their utility. In addition, with the exception of different evasion and HP stats, they are also nearly identical to their promoted versions, Tech Veterans and Tech Elites, all of which have the same abilities, weapons, and AP (350).

Armored Techs gain new expandable shields; at the end of their turn, the Armored Tech drives their shield into the ground, expanding it in a curved shape about five shields wide. The expanded shield allows allied units to take cover behind it, being strong enough to withstand anti-tank lances and tank shells without the tech being moved. (albeit with some damage) Grenades and mortars do damage and fling the tech, but the shield stays in its 5-wide state, despite the tech being standing.

Additionally, Armored Tech Warpicks are much more efficient at destroying "Special Targets" than most other weapons. This is possibly due to an extra critical bonus Warpicks have when attacking these objects. (subject to testing).

Standard equipment

GRA Armored Techs

The GRA have no known Armored Techs but they do have Fencers and Maulers. This may be so you don't have to fight semi-invincible units at the game's beginning.


  • Armoured techs may have originally been conceived for 'Valkyria Chronicles', as certain concept art shows Imperials armed with mauler-style hammers.
  • Armored Techs roughly parallel, with their ability to defuse mines, wield hammers, and use a shield, the idea of a Riot Cop armed with a baton.
  • Armoured techs never appear as an enemy in VC3 or as a unit you never get to keep (such as random Gallian soldiers or DLC given imperials). However, one can unlock non-Squad 422 armored-tech suits in the postgame, indicating that in-universe, Armored Techs do serve in Calamity Raven, the Imperial Army, main Gallian Army, and the Gallian Militia.


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