Squad Leader

"Anisette Detachment, move out!"
"Let's teach them that we are not to be trifled with!"


"Entering combat!"
"Taking the stage!"


"You're in the way!"

Killing a foe

"So, there!"
"Well, of course!"

Enemy Sighted

"Enemy spotted!"
"I've found one!"

Team Attack

"Fancy a duet?"
"You owe me one!"
"On your mark, Avan!" (Avan)
"I'm with you, Coleen!" (Coleen)
"Let's do this, Cosette!" (Cosette)
"Let me help you, Noel!" (Noel)

Personal Potentials

"No, I... don't miss it." (Country Bred)
"Let's show them our full ensemble" (Camaraderie)
"I'm a star, not an athlete!" (Unfit)
"I'll catch up to her, step by step!" (Diligent)

Battle Potentials

"From the top, with feeling!"
"I'll show you what a star can do!"

Healed by Ragnaid

"I... never asked for help."

Rescuing an Ally

"Medic! It's this way, hurry!"

After Medic Visit

"Oh! Just look at yourself, Avan!" (Avan)
"Help is here now, Coleen!" (Coleen)
"Everything will be fine, Cosette." (Cosette)
"Do stay strong, Noel!" (Noel)

HP Critical

"The show must go on!"
"This is hardly a scratch!"


"This isn't... the end...!"


"I'm not hurt... so much as angry!"

Revived by Medic

"Well... thank you... a little."

Status Ailment

"I swear, this never happens to me!"
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