• Anisette Nelson

Anisette Nelson
Anisette in Valkyria Chronicles 2.
Birth Date c.1921 (Aged 16 by 1937)
Height 156cm
Affiliation Lanseal Military Academy
Role Lanseal cadet (former)
Likes Avan Hardins
Noel Willoch
Coleen Celsius
Cosette Coalhearth
Voice Acting
Japanese Yui Kano
English Megan Hollingshead
"Anisette Nelson, shining star in the night sky of Lanseal, darling!"
—Anisette Nelson, Valkyria Chronicles 2

Anisette Nelson (リコリス・ネルソン Rikorisu Neruson?) is the younger sister of Edy Nelson and an shocktrooper in Class G. She is named Licorice in the Japanese version.

She also has a habit of losing her temper quite easily when confronted with what she considers to be unfair circumstances.





Valkyria Chronicles 2

Following in her sister's footsteps, Anisette aims to become a famous "Super Idol," studying song and dance in her spare time. She is very talented in singing but lacks physical stamina, however this doesn't seem to stop her from trying. She idolizes her older sister and wishes to perform on stage with her.

After graduating from Lanseal, Anisette headed to the capital with Edy. She had succeeded in her dream of becoming a dancer, unfazed by her sister's foiled ambitions.

Freshmen Cadet Guide

Younger sister of Edy Nelson-- one of the most memorable heroines of E.W.II. Her talent is somehow hard to define, but we envision her acting just a brave and courageous as her sister so we intent to train her with appropriate weapons to bring out her potential. As her physical abilities catch up through training, she can be a mean fighting machine that many idolize.

In-game Description

  • A shocktrooper in Class G, she joined to compete with her sister. Popular for her frank personality.
  • Trains after class to improve athletic skill. Through her efforts she has made real progress.
  • Headed to capital with Edy. Became a dancer, unfazed by sister's failed ambitions.


  • A Pledge Made
  • Becoming an Idol
  • Showdown!
  • Live in Concert

Expanded Biography

Wannabe Idol

Anisette is the little sister of Edy Nelson, who fought alongside Welkin during the Gallian Campaign. She worships Edy, and one day hopes to become a superstar with her sister. Anisette is honest and hard-working, and is superior in many ways to Edy, who has lots of confidence without any real skill to back it up. Despite her obvious talents, however, Anisette has some insecurities, and feels that she will never be as good as her sister. While attending Lanseal, Anisette manages to overcome her lack of athleticism, and beats Edy to a debut as a professional dancer after graduating.

Anisette blindly admires Edy and even insists that Edy's tone-deaf singing is simply "revolutionary."

Bright and Honest with Lots of Friend

"Life's all about luck. Making an effort is just a waste of time. Still, if she's lucky, it's certainly possible that Anisette will get to debut as a star."
—Jamill's thoughts on Anisette, Valkyria Chronicles 2 WORLD ARTWORKS

Anisette's honest personality allows her to make friends easily, and she particularly has lots of female friends. Along wit her close friends Coleen and Noel, Anisette makes up the core of Class G's gossip network. Though Anisette does not seem to be romantically involved with anyone at this time, it is not unreasonable to think that she has many secret admirers.

A White Lie turns into an Opportunity

"Now for the spin... and vogue!"
—Anisette Nelson, Valkyria Chronicles 2.

One day, Anisette attempted to jump off of the school roof, only to be stopped by Avan. When Avan asked her why she would do such a thing, Anisette explained that she had lied to Edy, saying she was going to put on a live concert at Lanseal. Not wanting to bear the embarrassment of Edy finding out about the lie, Anisette had decided on a more desperate solution. Avan reassures Anisette that they can pull a concert together in time for Edy's visit, but some trouble surrounding the use of the drill grounds prevents them from gathering the desired crowd. Despite this, Edy is proud of her little sister's accomplishments, and praises Anisette for her diligence.

Anisette was able to show Edy the fruits of her dance practices. By overcoming her lack of athleticism, Anisette was able to debut as a professional dancer after graduating from Lanseal.



Base stats
Class HP AP Accuracy Evade Defense
Shocktrooper 201 350 16 10 11
Max stats
Class HP AP Accuracy Evade Defense
Trooper Elite 369 350 42 38 33
Commando 340 400 35 32 31
Gunner Elite 369 400 52 32 31
Heavy Gunner 426 300 38 32 31


Personal potentials
Potential Description
Country Bred Standing on dirt boosts concentration, raising attack power against infantry, as well as firing accuracy.
Camaraderie Likes overcoming challenges with allies, raising evasive skills.
Unfit Their body won't do what they tell it to, lowering their firing accuracy.
Diligent Constant hard work pays off, restoring HP.
Unlocked after completing her classmate mission, Taking the Stage.
Battle Potentials
Class Potentials
  • Vs Prsnnl Boost - Raises attack power against infantry targets.
  • Close Combat - Raises firing accuracy and the chance of inflicting status ailments with attacks when an enemy is nearby.
  • Super Vs Prsnnl - Raises attack power against infantry targets.
Trooper Veteran
  • Vs Personel Boost - Raises attack power against infantry targets.
  • Ambush Spotter - Can spot concealed enemies from double the distance than normal.
  • Neutralize - Cannot be countered when attacking.
Trooper Elite
  • Vs Personel Boost - Raises attack power against infantry targets.
  • Major Evasion - Raises evasive skills.
  • Side Defense - Raises side defense.
  • Vs Prsnnl Boost - Raises attack power against infantry targets.
  • Fearless Will - Raises attack against infantry targets and defense during interception fire.
  • Phoenix - Recovers full HP when HP reaches 0.
  • Vs Prsnnel Boost - Raises attack power against infantry targets.
  • First Aid Boost - Raises the amount healed when ragnaid is used.
  • Suppression - raises chance to inflict status ailments.
Gunner Elite
  • Vs Prsnnel Boost - Raises attack power against infantry targets.
  • Major Accuracy - Raises firing accuracy.
  • Close Quarters - Raises evasive skills when closing in on an enemy.
Heavy Gunner
  • Vs Prsnnel Boost - Raises attack power against infantry targets.
  • Resist Counters - Lowers the damage taken from enemy counterattacks.
  • Max Exploit - Significantly raises the chance of inflicting status ailments when attacking at all times.



  • Although Edy is a horrible singer, Anisette adores her, leading Avan to advise her not to emulate Edy's vocal style after being treated to an impromptu concert.
    • Though it's implied that Edy is the better dancer of the two initially as shown in her memory scenes.
  • Her favorite word "Darling" is also an expression used by her sister Edy.
  • If assigned as a leader she might say: "Anisette Detachment Move out!" This is a reference to the Edy Detachment DLC, and of Anisette's desire to follow in her sister's footsteps.
  • It is revealed by Pete that Anisette sometimes sneaks up to the roof to cry over letters from home.
  • Edy and Anisette are voiced by the same actress in both the Japanese and English versions of their respective titles.
  • Anisette appears in Valkyria Chronicles 3 as a secret character. She is unlocked and recruited by converting a Valkyria Chronicles 2 save file.
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