Angelica Farnaby
VC4 Angelica Farnaby
Alias Angie
Birth Date c.1922 (Aged 15 by 1937)
Voice Acting
Japanese Ayane Sakura[1]
English Kira Buckland

Angelica Farnaby (アンジェリカ・ファーナビー Anjerika Fānabī?) is a character from Valkyria Chronicles 4. A civilian girl who lost her memories. She is cheerful, selfless, and kind, and gains sudden popularity among the soldiers. There is also a scene where she confronts the “Witch of the Snowstorm.”[1]

Angelica is an energetic and brave civilian girl who finds her way into Squad E. When they found her, she could not remember anything except her name. Much about her is unknown, including the events that led to her involvement with Squad E. [2]




Rather than have a child-like selfishness, she is a kind-hearted character who cares about those around her. She is offered protection under the care of the military physician, but proposes to help by taking care of meals, laundry, cleaning, and so on. Her cheerful personality has also made her popular among the helper soldiers, who nicknamed her “Ange.”[2]


Presumed to be about age 12. A girl found in the Centurion's engine room. She remembers nothing, but her name. Much of her past remains a mystery. Innocent, diligent, and selfless. She's kind-hearted, and wants to do everything she can to help the ship. Everyone in the crew adores her. In truth, she is descended from the ancient Valkyria. Her power awakened during battle. Remembering her duty, she returned to the main reactor. From a small farm in Vinland. With her mother dead and her father turning to drink, she took care of her younger siblings. They grew up in poverty. Her dress was a gift from her father—a final act of kindness from him. She prays that he and the rest of her family can live happily now.


Angelica grew up in a village in the United States of Vinland with her father and younger siblings. Her mother died when she was young, and her father drinks all the time, so Angelica took care of her siblings. When the Valkyria Hunt came to her village, Angelica was discovered to have high Valkyria aptitude. Angelica agreed to participate in United States' Valkyria research in exchange for money for her father and education and food for her siblings.

In late 1934 EC, she was transported to the Europa continent with other Valkyria candidates escorted by Federation soldiers, with Kai Schulen being one of them. Kai betrayed the Federate Army and informed a group of Imperial troops to attack, and Angelica escaped from her escorts during the commotion. Angelica discovered Kai injured with a leg wound. Knowing that Kai would likely be killed for treason if he were to be discovered, Angelica acted as a decoy diverting the attention of Federation soldiers away from Kai's hiding spot, and returned herself to the custody of the Federation.

With her Valkyria ability awakened from the research, Angelica volunteered to be the heart of the Valkyria Turbine powering the Snow Cruiser Centurion, which also makes her the core of the warhead of the Valkyria Bomb codenamed "A2" (the A is taken from the first letter of her name). After signing documents that She spent her time on the Centurion in a trance state inside the Forbidden Zone, providing power for the giant ship.

During an encounter between Centurion and the Empire's Valkyria, Centurion was grazed by a powerful attack that rocked the entire ship. Angelica was knocked out of her trance state, and was subsequently discovered by Claude Wallace and Riley Miller just outside the Forbidden Zone. Suffering amnesia due to concussion from the earlier attack, Angelica was only able to remember her name. Assumed to be a stowaway civilian, she started a new life on board the Centurion with only Captain Morgan and a very small handful of the ships' senior crew knowing her identity.


  • In the 10th Anniversary Illustration Book, her name is spelled "Angelica Farnavi" in English.



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