Ace lists are below, don't say we didn't warn you. 


Alicia Melchiott sights up Segular the Wall, the first Ace in the series.

Aces are elite units who often drop unique Imperial weapons (typically short-ranged and inaccurate but more powerful than the player's weapons of similar level), high-end vehicle parts, or plans to make improved weapons. They are visually distinct (usually slightly modified enemy Leaders) and are much more difficult to take down, usually having boosted health coupled with high evasion ratings if they are infantry. It is common for Aces to also be Leaders, but they do not have to be. 

One practice commonly used to take down infantry Aces is "turning" them: this involves having one soldier run past them so they will turn around while delivering Interception fire, then having another soldier approach them from behind to deliver a killing blow. It is vital to approach them from their rear arc and making sure "surprise attack" is displayed before firing, as if this is not done they will use their normal evasion chance. 

Valkyria Chronicles Aces


Name Class Mission Drop
Segular the Wall Scout-insignia Scout Chapter 02: Escape From Bruhl ZM Kar 1(g)
Ty the Immortal Shocktrooper-insignia Shocktrooper Chapter 03: Vasel Urban Warfare ZM MP 1(g)
Lt. Nonnenkof Shocktrooper-insignia Shocktrooper Chapter 05: The Kloden Wildwood ZM MP 2(g)
Malya the Dust Sniper-insignia Sniper Chapter 06: A Desert Encounter ZM SG 1(g)
Kanazar the Lion Scout-insignia Scout Chapter 07: The Battle of Barious ZM Kar 2(g)
Ty the Immortal Shocktrooper-insignia Shocktrooper Chapter 08: The Woodland Snare (Pt.1) ZM MP 3(g)
Zytreet the Lynx Sniper-insignia Sniper Chapter 08: The Woodland Snare (Pt.2) ZM SG 2(g)
Oswald the Iron Scout-insignia Scout Chapter 10: Liberation of Fouzen (Pt.1) ZM Kar 3(g)
Tavyse the Beast Sniper-insignia Sniper Chapter 10: Liberation of Fouzen (Pt.2) ZM SG 3(g)
Cpt. Nonnenkof Shocktrooper-insignia Shocktrooper Chapter 11: The Marberry Shore VB FW 1(g)
Yosnoa the Hound Tank-insignia Tank Commander Chapter 12: The Fight for Bruhl Enhanced Block Pin (Edelweiss)
Mash the Hunter Sniper-insignia Sniper Chapter 12: The Fight for Bruhl ZM SG 4(g)
Sima the Younger Scout-insignia Scout Chapter 13: The Clash at Naggiar ZM Kar 4(g)
Sima the Elder Shocktrooper-insignia Shocktrooper Chapter 14: Loss Within Victory ZM MP 4(g)
Matz the Cleaner Tank-insignia Tank Commander Chapter 15: Citadel Ghirlandaio (Pt.1) Firing Calculator (Edelweiss)
Oswald the Steel Scout-insignia Scout Chapter 15: Citadel Ghirlandaio (Pt.1) ZM Kar 5(g)
Shuntr the Mount Sniper-insignia Sniper Chapter 16: The Maiden's Shield ZM SG 5(g)
Ty the Immortal Shocktrooper-insignia Shocktrooper Chapter 17: The Bridge to Hope ZM MP 5(g)


Name Class Mission Drop
Fujmolt the Edge Shocktrooper-insignia Shocktrooper Report 07: War Without Weapons VB FW 2(g)
Toyold the Bull Tank-insignia Tank Commander Report 08: Flower of the Battlefield Firing Calculator (Shamrock)

Expert Skirmishes

Name Class Mission Drop
Oswald the Alloy Scout-insignia Scout Skirmish 01: Outskirts of Bruhl ZM Kar 6(g)
Mal the Antlion Sniper-insignia Sniper Skirmish 02: Vasel Riverside ZM SG 6(g)
Maj. Nonnenkof Shocktrooper-insignia Shocktrooper Skirmish 03: Kloden Wildwood ZM MP 6(g)
Stark the Slayer Sniper-insignia Sniper Skirmish 04: Barious Desert ZM SG 6(g)
Kanazar the Puma Scout-insignia Scout Skirmish 05: Upper Fouzen ZM Kar 7(g)
Mitz the Talker Sniper-insignia Sniper Skirmish 06: Marberry Shore ATR-X1
Mort the Merc Scout-insignia Scout Skirmish 07: Windmill Plaza ZM Kar 6(g)
Nora the Tigress Lancer-insignia Lancer Skirmish 08: Naggiar Plains VB PL XX(g)
Ty the Immortal Shocktrooper-insignia Shocktrooper Skirmish 09: East Bank of Vasel VB FW XX(g)

Selvaria's Mission: Behind her Blue Flame DLC

Name Class Mission Drop
Musaad the Mole Scout-insignia Scout Rout of the Gallian Forces None

Challenges of the Edy Detachment DLC

Name Class Mission Drop
Oswald the Gold Scout-insignia Scout Susie's Challenge: The Wildwood I ZM Kar 8(g)
Stark the Hawk Sniper-insignia Sniper Jann's Challenge: Naggiar Plains North VB PL X3(g)
Mal the Arachnid Sniper-insignia Sniper Marina's challenge: The Wildwood II ZM SG 7(g)
Kanazar the Lynx Scout-insignia Scout Homer's Challenge: The Warehouse District ZM Kar 9(g)
Col. Nonnenkof Shocktrooper-insignia Shocktrooper Edy's Challenge: The Arboreal Wastes ZM MP X3(g)
Mitz the Agent Sniper-insignia Sniper The Edy Detachment Challenge: Barious Ruins ATR-X3(g)

Valkyria Chronicles 2 Aces

Aces in this game will drop a specific weapon or vehicle part plan the first time they are defeated, then either one of two possible weapons or R&D materials subsequent times.

Aces noted with " appears in DLC missions.

Gallian Revolutionary Army Aces

  • Shuntr The Mount
  • Cindy Squall
  • Yarmas the Hunter
  • Ty Warlord
  • Kauzie the Artist
  • Joshuno the Hitman
  • Tanaiss Red-Eyed
  • Fucasa the Spiker
  • Matz Slow-Kill
  • Yars Quick Draw
  • Osweiss the Roamer
  • Eider the Wicked
  • Togier the Ripper
  • Kanazas the Dire
  • Motti Vanguard
  • Susse the Comic
  • Yaht the Bitter
  • Cindy Tempest
  • Ty Ogrelord
  • Shmarder the Meteor
  • Kauzie Tunesmith
  • Matz Swift-Kill
  • Sedwin the Stout
  • Osweiss the Woeful
  • Togier the Gasher
  • Herosch the Sturdy
  • Fergil Sneakshot
  • Shuntr Shifter
  • Tanaiss Red-Haired
  • Joshuno the Killer
  • Saitt the Elated
  • Osweiss the False
  • Nakanla Thunderous
  • Matz Speed-Kill
  • Ty Dreadlord
  • Kanazas the Ruiner
  • Aurim the Ghost
  • Kauzie the Player
  • Cindy Galeforce
  • Yarmas Gamehunter
  • Shuntr Rumbler
  • Schimmer the Rabid
  • Uys the Falcon
  • Aucarr Steelfist
  • Nakarm the Ogre
  • Tabais the Gorger
  • Nachartl the Genius
  • Saitt the Calm
  • Kanazas the Curse
  • Schimmer the Tyrant
  • Mahl Infallible
  • Torge the Slicer
  • Carnell the Fiend
  • Ossei the Wild
  • Eugene the Vague
  • Ossei the Tiger
  • Fucasa the Slayer
  • Mahl Unequaled
  • Torge Darkslayer
  • Chaolen Beastlord
  • Motti Rear Guard
  • Cobah the Hyena
  • Susse the Lover
  • Yaht the Sullen
  • Ochran the Mover
  • Carnell the Devil
  • Ichey the Unjust
  • Roccoh the Animal
  • Micch Avenger
  • Herosch the Steady
  • Chaolen Demonlord
  • Roccoh the Beast
  • Fergil Barrage
  • Joshuno the Menace
  • Ochran Stockman
  • Shmarder Brightstar
  • Matz Flash-Kill
  • Horry the Dark
  • Aucarr Ironslash
  • Naccarche the Rascal
  • Aurim the Shade
  • Sedwin the Brave
  • Yarmas Ogrehunter
  • Fucasa the Cruel
  • Tanaiss the Shorn
  • Naccarche the Hero
  • Saitt the Serene
  • Aucarr the Dagger
  • Kanazas the Angry
  • Cobah Cadaverous
  • Ty Netherlord
  • Shuntr Shockwave
  • Cindy Windstorm
  • Yarmas Manhunter
  • Osweiss the Hermit
  • G Ranger"
  • UW Duelist"
  • Shihar Slaughter"
  • Diess the Silent"
  • Ichey Hypocrite"
  • Shuntr Impress"
  • Nakanla Whirlwind"
  • Shihar the Brutal"
  • Horry the Flash"
  • Nisheo Firmness"
  • Micch Revenger"
  • Tabais the Cavity"

Lanseal Aces

  • Naggie the Fawner
  • Jinn the Harsh
  • Jinn the Proud
  • Jinn Minefield
  • Nisheo the Strong
  • Masse the Snake
  • Naggie the Kindly
  • Joshuda Springwind
  • Whitaker Demonblade
  • Yars Trick Shot
  • Tauyar the Rusher
  • Joshuda Fall-Wind
  • Whitaker Demonshot
  • Joshuda South-Wind
  • Diess Cold-Blood
  • Oots Selfish"
  • Shakay Lightning"
  • Tauyar the Charge"
  • Masse the Moth"

Valkyria Chronicles 3 Aces

Imperial Aces

  • Mash the Hunter (人狩りマシター)
  • Junior Officer George (シオルグ下級将校)
  • Yosnoa the Tigress (女豹ヨシノア)
  • Zookie the Scholar (秀才ズッキー)
  • Nakaart the Seeker (索敵のナカーテ)
  • Holy Opportunity (好機のホリー)
  • Tavyse the Beast (強獣タバイスラー)
  • Rosse the Armed (武装のロッセ)
  • Noda the Horse (じゃじゃ馬ノーダ)
  • The Flawless Tyler (無傷のタイラー)
  • Sheeda the Loader (シーダ装填手)
  • Oswald the Steel

Calamity Raven Aces

  • Rascal the Ambush (伏兵ラサカー)
  • Eyt the Ocean (海のイート)

Gallian Aces

  • Key the Fraud (イカサマのケイ)
  • Corporal Morry (モリー伍長)
  • Provost Schwater (シワター憲兵)

Valkyria Chronicles 4 Aces

All Aces in this game are Imperial soldiers, though Secret Agent Saki appears to be an undercover agent actually employed by some country in the Far East.

Something of note is that several Aces encountered throughout carry modified weapons with adjusted stats compared to their standard Imperial-only counterparts. The stats of the weapon they unlock do not necessarily match the one they use: indeed, some such as Cova the Peacock do not even unlock the same type of weapon they use (in his case he uses a VB GW 2 general-purpose Mortar but unlocks a VB GW 2B(e) anti-tank Mortar).

There is also a pseudo-Ace, Major Burke, who commands a Heavy Imperial Tank which uses his name as the unit name, but he is not counted as an Ace kill and does not have an item drop.

DLC weapons are not required to earn the "Excellence in Armament" Medal.

The DLCs "A United Front With Squad 7," "The Two Valkyria" and "Edy's Advanced Ops" do not contain Aces.


Name Class Mission Drop
Thane the Cadet Scout-insignia Scout Chapter 2: The Liberation of Reine ZM Kar 1(e)
Volatile Monamor Shocktrooper-insignia Shocktrooper Chapter 3: Rangers in the Storm - Part 1 ZM MP 1(e)
Tankbuster Nämy Lancer-insignia Lancer Chapter 4: The Battle of Siegval - Part 2 VB PL 1(e)
Hawkeye Iris Sniper-insignia Sniper Chapter 4: The Battle of Siegval - Part 3 ZM SG 1(e)
Kajmir the Watcher Grenadier-insignia Grenadier Chapter 6: The Point of No Return VB GW 1(e)
Mash the Hunter Sniper-insignia Sniper Chapter 7: A March in the Snow - Part 1 ZM SG 2(e)
Lucky Seitz Tank-insignia Tank Commander Chapter 7: A March in the Snow - Part 2 Spring Drive (Cactus)
Supersonic Marath Scout-insignia Scout Elite Chapter 8: The Crystal Sea - Part 2 ZM Kar 3(e)
Toma the Magus Lancer-insignia Lancer Elite Chapter 9: The Winter Witch VB PL 3(e)
Cova the Peacock Grenadier-insignia Grenadier Elite Chapter 10: Under the Ice VB GW 2B(e)
Ette of the Icefield Tank-insignia Tank Commander Chapter 11: The Sea Fortress Firing Calculator (Glory)
Duke Allibert Lancer-insignia Lancer Elite Chapter 12: Midnight Run VB PL 1B(e)
Ixa the Medi-Killer Sniper-insignia Sniper Elite Chapter 13: Waiting for Springtime ZM SG 4(e)
The Kill Sergeant Shocktrooper-insignia Trooper Elite Chapter 14: Azure Flame ZM MP 4(e)
Matz the Cleaner Tank-insignia Tank Commander Chapter 15: A Reason to Fight - Part 1 Firing Calculator (Hafen)
Yorde the Poet Scout-insignia Scout Elite Chapter 15: A Reason to Fight - Part 2 ZM Kar 5(e)
Gambit Zanatos Shocktrooper-insignia Trooper Elite Chapter 16: Forseti's Judgment ZM MP 5(e)
Captain Terror Lancer-insignia Lancer Elite Chapter 17: The Final Choice - Part 1 VB PL 4(e)
Mash the Hunted Sniper-insignia Sniper Elite Chapter 17: The Final Choice - Part 2 ZM SG 5(e)

Squad Stories

The Squad Stories The Price of Skill, Mischief Makers, All the Single Ladies, Girl in the Iron Mask and A Chivalrous Heart do not contain Aces.

Name Class Mission Drop
Field Agent Mors Scout-insignia Scout Like Old Times ZM Kar 2(e)
Roaring Chanitz Shocktrooper-insignia Shocktrooper A Prayer for the Broken ZM MP 2(e)
Kanz the Acolyte Grenadier-insignia Grenadier Paragon Reluctant Solitude VB GW 7B(e)
Hirz the Demoman Grenadier-insignia Grenadier Honor, Pride, and Regret VB GW 3(e)
Killstreak Meier Sniper-insignia Sniper Worlds Apart ZM SG 3(e)
Secret Agent Saki Scout-insignia Scout Elite To Live Unbound ZM Kar 4(e)
Tank Officer Arker Tank-insignia Tank Commander Treading New Ground Reinforced Frame (Hafen)
Commandant Zorg Tank-insignia Tank Commander Legacies Left Spring Drive (Glory)
Maht the Mechanic Grenadier-insignia Grenadier Elite Love and Logic VB GW 4B(e)
Comrade Harasky Shocktrooper-insignia Shocktrooper Unfortunate Souls ZM MP 3(e)
Zivilyn the Bane Lancer-insignia Lancer Gambler's Ruin VB PL 2(e)
Instructor Zenas Scout-insignia Scout Paragon Soul of the Navy ZM Kar 6(e)

Normal Skirmish

Normal Skirmish 1 (Milt Outskirts) does not contain an Ace.

Name Class Mission Drop
Zuko the Prophet Scout-insignia Scout Reine ZM Kar 1(e)
Larz the Reaper Shocktrooper-insignia Shocktrooper Siegval Line 1 ZM MP 1(e)
Inspector Muratus Scout-insignia Scout Siegval Line 2 ZM Kar 2(e)
Chienö the Raider Shocktrooper-insignia Shocktrooper Snowy Mountain Trail ZM MP 2(e)
Yümad the Blade Shocktrooper-insignia Trooper Elite The Crystal Sea ZM MP 3(e)
Xeda the Operator Scout-insignia Scout Elite Warehouse District ZM Kar 3(e)
Nox the Listener Shocktrooper-insignia Trooper Elite Loweholm Urban Area ZM MP 4(e)
Keel the Chiliarch Scout-insignia Scout Elite Breaking Ice Shelf ZM Kar 4(e)
Quil the Gunsmith Scout-insignia Scout Elite Snowbound Island ZM Kar 5(e)

Hard Skirmish

Name Class Mission Drop
Tavyse the Beast Shocktrooper-insignia Trooper Paragon Into the Woods ZM MP 5(e)
Aizer the Bulwark Lancer-insignia Lancer Paragon Out of the Box VB PL 2B(e)
Ty the Immortal Shocktrooper-insignia Trooper Paragon Beneath the Frost ZM MP 6(e)
Loverboy Wagner Lancer-insignia Lancer Paragon Off the Rails VB PL 5(e)
Tucker the Heavy Grenadier-insignia Grenadier Paragon Through the Fire VB GW 5(e)
Nix the Marksman Sniper-insignia Sniper Paragon Across the Bridge ZM SG 6(e)
Fucasa the Artist Grenadier-insignia Grenadier Paragon Within the Ruins VB GW 6(e)
Hummel the Pyro Shocktrooper-insignia Trooper Paragon For the Centurion ZM MP 7(e)
Kaye the Traitor Scout-insignia Scout Paragon From the Capital ZM Kar 7(e)

Challenge Skirmish

Name Class Mission Drop
Unsinkable Énder Lancer-insignia Lancer Paragon A True Battlefield VB PL 3B(e)
Mash the Haunted Sniper-insignia Sniper Paragon The Dream Team ZM SG X(e)
Colonel Hale Tank-insignia Tank Commander Blitzkrieg on the Canal Reinforced Frame (Cactus)

Squad 7, To the Beach! DLC

Name Class Mission Drop
Investigator Ichas Scout-insignia Scout Elite Raiding the Base Swimsuit (Claude)
Kent, War Reporter Grenadier-insignia Grenadier Elite Raiding the Base Swimsuit (Riley)
Gouache the Blitz Sniper-insignia Sniper Elite Raiding the Base Swimsuit (Kai)
Macho Tavaciel Shocktrooper-insignia Trooper Elite Raiding the Base Swimsuit (Raz)
Iron Wall Cattady Scout-insignia Scout Elite Bathing Suits and Bullets Swimsuit (Minerva)

A Captainless Squad DLC

Name Class Mission Drop
Solitary Zahl Sniper-insignia Sniper Elite A Sleuth of Bears ZM SG XD(e)
Valiant Condor Shocktrooper-insignia Trooper Elite Snowball Fight ZM MP XD(e)

Expert Skirmish DLC

Name Class Mission Drop
Calavera the Keen Scout-insignia Scout Paragon Hafen Escort ZM Kar X(e)
Warlord Kobatak Lancer-insignia Lancer Paragon Blitz Assault VB PL 6(e)
The Blood Knight Shocktrooper-insignia Trooper Paragon Escape from a Dire Situation ZM MP 8(e)
Ino the Crafty Sniper-insignia Sniper Paragon Struggle on the Bridge ZM SG X2(e)
Vice Chief Chemis Scout-insignia Scout Paragon A Night-Shrouded Liberation ZM Kar 8(e)
Machere the Wily Grenadier-insignia Grenadier Paragon Clash Between Elite Squads VB GW 8(e)


  • Almost all known Aces are male, in line with the Empire's stance on non-Valkyria women serving in combat roles. The only two cases of Imperial Aces likely to be female are Nora the Tigress, a Lancer in the first game, and Ette of the Icefield, a tank Ace from Valkyria Chronicles 4.
  • There is also one GRA Ace likely to be female, Cindy Squall/Tempest/Galeforce/Windstorm, a recurring Ace in Valkyria Chronicles 2.
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