In Valkyria Chronicles 3 and Valkyria Chronicles 4, there are Accessory Items that can be equipped to Squad 442 and Squad E members to boost stats, like weapons and uniforms.

Valkyria Chronicles 3 Accessories

Name Bonus Unlock
Safety Talisman Hp+5 R&D Lvl 1, 2000 DCT
Health Talisman Hp+10 R&D Lvl 9, 15000 DCT
Strength Talisman Hp+20
Charm of Vigor Ap+5 R&D Lvl 1, 2400 DCT
Charm of Action AP+10 R&D Lvl 10, ? DCT
Charm of Movement Ap+20
Soldier Amulet Acc+5 R&D Lvl ?, 2800 DCT
Elite Amulet Acc+10 R&D Lvl 11, 19500 DCT
Hero Amulet Acc+20
Key of Fortune Evade+5 R&D Lvl 12, 21500 DCT
Key of Luck Evade+10 R&D Lvl ?, 3800 DCT
Key of Fortuity Evade+20
Bronze/Copper Bullet vsPer+5 R&D Lvl 4, 2000 DCT
Silver Bullet vsPer+10 R&D Lvl 13, 23250 DCT
Golden Bullet vsPer+20
(Light) Tank Fragment vsArm+5 R&D Lvl 4, 6800 DCT
Medium Tank Fragment vsArm+10
Heavy Tank Fragment vsArm+20
Generic Scope Range+5 R&D Lvl 5, 7800 DCT
High-Powered Scope Range+10 R&D Lvl 15, 32000 DCT
Advanced/Prototype Scope Range+20
Small Backpack Ammo+1 R&D Lvl 6, 9900 DCT
Large Backpack Ammo+2 OP: Assist Imca
Flak Vest Rr, Sd, Fr Def+5
Armored Flak Vest Rr, Sd, Fr Def+10 R&D Lvl 16 (?), 39500 DCT
Armored Vest/Tank Vest Rr, Sd, Fr Def+20
Sml Med-Pouch AilRes, SupRes+1
Med Med-Pouch AilRes, SupRes+2
Lrg Med-Pouch AilRes, SupRes+3
Imp.Lt.Stripes Acc+3, Evade+3
Imp.Maj.Stripes Acc+5, Evade+5
Imp.Cpt.Stripes Acc+7
Battlefield Remains
Imp.Gen.Stripes Acc+10, Evade+10
Soldier Dog Tag vsPer+3, vsArm+3,
Ace Dog Tag vsPer+5, vsArm+5
Hero Dog Tag

vsPer+10, vsArm+10

Portrait of Cordelia Rr, Sd, Fr Def+5 Complete OP: Free the Capital - Canyon
Photo of Cordelia Rr, Sd, Fr Def+10
Ragnite Ore Hp+30
Ragnite Crystal Hp+40 Complete Fangs of the Viper
Concentrated/Enriched Ragnite Hp+50 Complete Lurks in the Desert
Blue Bandana Hp+10, Acc+5 Complete The Uninvited Crows
Red Bandana Hp+10, vsPer+5, vsArm+5
Green Bandana HP+10, Acc+5, vsPer+5, vsArm+5 Complete The Ironsteel Trap
Blue Ribbon Acc+5, Evade+10
Red Ribbon Evade+10, vsArm+5
Green Ribbon Acc+5, Evade+10, vsPer+5, vsArm+5 Complete The Targeted Stockpile Goods
Ceremonial Dagger Acc+2, Evade+2 Kurt's character-specific item
Self-Defense Knife Evade+2, vsPer+2 Riela's character-specific item.
Keepsake Flare Gun Hp+10, AP+5 Welkin's character-specific item.
Alicia Scarf Acc+10, Evade+5 Alicia's character-specific item.
Darcsen's Doll Hp+5, Acc+5, Evade+5 Isara's character-specific item.
Idol Ribbon Evade+5, vsPer+5, vsArm+10 Edy's character-specific item.
Leon Notebook Hp+10, Acc+5 Avan's character-specific item.
Antique Knife Acc+5, vsPer+5, vsArm+5
Yggdsm Pendant Acc+10, vsArm+10 Audrey's character-specific item.
Lance Ring Acc+10, vsPer+10, vsArm+10 Complete The Looming Nightmare
Shield Ring Hp+20, Evade+20 Complete Liberate the Aqueduct
Largo's Veggie Hp+30 Largo's character-specific item.
Rosie's Choker Acc+10, Evade+10 Rosie's character-specific item.
Varrot's Specs vsPer+10, vsArm+10 Eleanor's character-specific item.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 Accessories

Name Bonus Unlock
Patrol Cap HP +10 A rank Chapter 1.
Camo Cap HP +20 A rank Chapter 14.
Reinforced Cap HP +30 A rank Chapter 16.
Service Boots AP +30 A rank Chapter 5.
Combat Boots AP +40 A rank the second battle of Chapter 17.
Elite Boots AP +50 Complete Into the Woods.
Infantry Gloves Acc +5 A rank the second battle of Chapter 3.
Gunner Gloves Acc +10 A rank the second battle of Chapter 15.
Marksman Gloves Acc +15 Complete Out of the Box.
Lucky Coin Evade +5 A rank Chapter 2.
Fortune Coin Evade +7 A rank the first battle of Chapter 17.
Godsend Coin Evade +10 A-Rank Through the Fire.
Small Knife vsPer +3 A rank the third battle of Chapter 4.
Army Knife vsPer +5 A rank the first battle of Chapter 15.
Survival Knife vsPer +7 Complete Off the Rails.
Small Tank Shard vsArm +10 A rank Chapter 6.
Large Tank Shard vsArm +15 A rank Chapter 13.
Ultra Tank Shard vsArm +20 Complete Beneath the Frost.
Telescope Range +50 Defeat an enemy Ace.
Binoculars Range +70
Hi-Spec Binoculars Range +90 Earn the Excellence in Armament Decoration
Body Armor Def +2 A rank Interlude 1.
Bulletproof Armor Def +4 A rank the first battle of Chapter 18.
Fortified Armor Def +6 A rank Across the Bridge.
Extra Ammo Belt Ammo +1 A rank the second battle of Chapter 7.
Double Ammo Belt Ammo +2 Complete Within the Ruins.
Medic's Pouch Ailment Immunity A rank the second battle of Chapter 8.
Military Cape Acc +3, Evade +3 A rank Interlude 2.
Improved Cape Acc +5, Evade +5 Complete Chapter 13.
Camouflage Cape Acc +7, Evade +7 Complete From the Capital.
Soldier's Buckle vsPer +2, vsArm +3 A rank Chapter 9.
Veteran's Buckle vsPer +4, vsArm +5 Complete Chapter 16.
Hero's Buckle vsPer +6, vsArm +7
Chronograph HP +5, Def +1 A rank Chapter 11.
Rare Chronograph HP +10, Def +2 Earn the Distinguished Service Medal Decoration
Exact Chronograph HP +15, Def +3 Complete A True Battlefield.
Simple Sight Acc +3, Range +20 A rank Chapter 12.
Standard Sight Acc +5, Range +30
Precision Sight Acc +7, Range +40 Complete The Dream Team.
Support Belt Evade +3, Def +1 Rescue a downed ally.
Improved Belt Evade +5, Def +2 Ragnarok rescues an ally for the first time.
Strengthened Belt Evade +7, Def +3 Complete Blitzkrieg on the Canal.
Enhanced Powder Acc +3, vsPer +2 Defeat 250 enemies.
Improved Powder Acc +5, vsPer +4 Defeat 500 enemies.
Volatile Powder Acc +7, vsPer +6 Defeat 1000 enemies.
Capped Bullets Acc +3, vsArm +3 A rank the prologue chapter.
Enhanced Bullets Acc +5, vsArm +5 Complete Chapter 4.
Specialist Bullets Acc +7, vsArm +15
Participant Award HP +10 Load a demo save.
Character Accessories
Favorite Lighter Def +2, vsPer +2 Complete Chapter 16.
Cigarette Pack vsPer +2 Zaiga is killed in action.
Rusty Handaxe vsPer +2 Simon is killed in action.
Gun Cleaning Kit vsPer +2 Scott is killed in action.
Comedian's Bio vsPer +2 Stanley is killed in action.
Sugar Jar vsPer +2 Ryan is killed in action.
Squad Photo vsPer +2 Vancey is killed in action.
Father's Tags vsPer +2 Viola is killed in action.
Letter from Mom vsPer +2 Emmy is killed in action.
Seasoned Rapier vsPer +2 Fleuret is killed in action.
Ferrier's Ribbon vsPer +2 Ferrier is killed in action. Females only.
"Lucky" Charm vsPer +2 Lily is killed in action.
Straight Razor Acc +3 Aladdin is killed in action.
Hunter's Hat Acc +3 Norid is killed in action.
Locket Acc +3 Leonhardt is killed in action.
Hand-Knit Scarf Acc +3 Neige is killed in action. Females only.
Teddy Bear Acc +3 Mabel is killed in action. Females only.
Pressed Flower Evade +3 Curtis is killed in action.
Spoils Bag Evade +3 Godwin is killed in action.
Casino Chips Evade +3 Jester is killed in action.
Character Sheet Evade +3 Odin is killed in action.
War Novel Evade +3 Brian is killed in action.
Scalpel Evade +3 Teresa is killed in action.
Foreign Briefing Evade +3 Azusa is killed in action.
Beloved Snapshot Evade +3 Christel is killed in action.
Handy Supplies Evade +3 Nico is killed in action.
Wedding Ring Evade +3 Millennia is killed in action. Females only.
Darcsen Stola Evade +3 Rosetta is killed in action. Darcsens only.
Wrist Weight vsArm +3 Laurent is killed in action.
Soldier's Missive vsArm +3 Keigel is killed in action.
Family Picture vsArm +3 Jimmy is killed in action.
Letters in Crayon vsArm +3 Sergio is killed in action.
Portable Tea Set vsArm +3 Gertrude is killed in action.
Survival Gear vsArm +3 Jean is killed in action.
Hanna's Cookbook vsArm +3 Hanna is killed in action.
Handmade Charm vsArm +3 Brittany is killed in action.
Trusty Wrench Def +1 Aulard is killed in action.
Ragged Magazine Def +1 André is killed in action.
Ragnaid Canister Def +1 Rebecca is killed in action.
Safety Goggles Def +1 Rita is killed in action.
Flower Hairpin Def +1 Eileen is killed in action. Females only.
Scrap Metal Range +20 Stahlschrott is killed in action.
Burnt Pencil Range +20 Jascha is killed in action.
Research Notes Range +20 Connor is killed in action.
Engagement Ring Range +20 Aoife is killed in action. Females only.
Corrective Lenses Range +20 Louffe is killed in action.


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