A United Front with Squad 7 is a downloadable content for Valkyria Chronicles 4. It consists of 3 chapters with three missions:

Upon completing the first two sections of the story, the following become available:

Edelweiss is always shown as its default model from the original game, but scales its stats to the Hafen's current gun, body and armor upgrades. It cannot, however, equip any Parts, and since the DLC is set before Marberry Shore in the original game, it does not have smoke mortar rounds equipped. It will have 450 AP, and in line with the changes to VC4, only requires 1CP to control. Welkin has no Orders, presumably because he is not Squad E's commander. Edelweiss can be deployed on any map with a extra starting position for a tank.

Upon completing the third section of the story, the following become available:


July 1935

After overcoming several hardships during Operation Northern Cross, the Federation ambassador to Gallia, Jean Townshend, requested Squad E to be dispatched there...


  • Japanese PS4 version - Available as part of the 10th Anniversary Memorial Pack.
  • Japanese NS version - Available as additional bonus for purchasing the DLC Season Pass. Note that the PS4 DLC Season Pass does not have this offer.
  • Worldwide release December 23rd, 2018 on consoles, and January 28th 2019 for PC. Due to this delay, the PC version was released for free to all players who preordered or have bought any other DLC.

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