The AT Sniper or Anti-tank Sniper is a 3rd-tier class exclusive to Valkyria Chronicles 2 and can be promoted from Snipers. They are part of the Scout Class Tree.

Armed with anti-tank sniper rifles, they can deal heavy damage to vehicles from across battlefields. Compare to lancers, they have much higher accuracy but limited mobility. Their main role in battle is to snipe vehicles, static defenses and radiators from afar where lancers usually miss. AT snipers can also destroy sandbags and head-shot lightly armored units.

When playing Valkyria Chronicles 2 the Anti-tank Snipers are not really that effective. They mostly do more damage to the heavy infantry units or any infantry units, than to the tanks. They don't move much, due to the limited mobility but they also have a low defence, so it takes even a scout to take them out.

Gallian AT Snipers

Valkyria Chronicles 2

AT Snipers can be promoted from Sniper as part of Scout Class Tree. The credit requirements for changing a unit's class into an AT Sniper are: Diploma x1, ArmsX x1, SupportII x3, AttackII X x1

Standard equipment:

Valkyria Chronicles 3

AT snipers no longer exist in Valkyria Chronicles 3. Instead, sniper veterans and elites are now capable of equipping anti-tank sniper rifles to deal tank damage, similar to the original Valkyria Chronicles.

GRA AT Snipers

Their role and equipment are the same as their Gallian counterparts.


  • Anti-tank rifles do exist in the first and fourth games (as reward or Ace weapons, not as part of a regular tech tree), but they can be equipped by any Sniper.

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